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Destiny is still in full force as millions of gamers across the world continue to delve deeper in to the game. With Bungie constantly updating, patching, and releasing new content, Destiny is poised to stick around for a long time.

We at SCUF love Destiny and wanted to share some of our recommendations for paddle configurations on our Custom SCUF controllers while you play the game:

destiny hunter

First up is the Hunter class, considered by many to be the strongest class in the Crucible, Destiny's Player vs. Player Arena. For your SCUF Controller paddle setup, we recommend A/Y for two paddles and ABXY for four, as mobility and weapon swapping should be your two main concerns. Those paddle configurations are recommended for both Gunslinger and Bladedancer subclasses. We also reached out to fans on Twitter to get their reactions to the Hunter:

"Very strong subclasses, but don't mix very well between PVE and PVP. BD (Bladedancer) special and melee are worthless on bosses."

"I love the Hunter. So many cool abilities and if you have good aim + impact, the Gold Gun is insane."

"The throwing knife is mad fun."

Destiny warlock

Next up is the Warlock, which excels at ranged combat, whether in the Voidwalker or Sunsinger subclass. Since our initial review of Destiny, we have taken more time to experience the Warlock overall; both sub-classes, its playstyle, etc. We still recommend, for both sub-classes, to have your far left paddle on the SCUF Controller, be the A button; mobility is key in Destiny overall and being able to jump, glide, and aim is crucial. The far right paddle we would put as X if you are playing an upclose Sunsinger, for those quick reloads; for a more ranged focused Warlock we would put the far right as Y. The middle two paddles, for those of you using the four paddle design, are entirely at your discretion, but we definitely recommend those left and right paddle configurations above.

We went to Twitter to see what you all thought of the Warlock class, and here are some of the responses:

"It's an extremely efficient support class while using the Sunsinger subclass, and assaulter via Voidwalker."

"An absolute tank with its shot gun melee"

"Personally, I feel I'm at a disadvantage while using this class compared to the Hunter & Titan."

destiny titan

Our final class spotlight for Destiny features the Titan; a character who can choose to literally jump in to the fray to cause devastating damage, or to protect allies. Titans are most comfortable on the front lines of the battle, especially those playing the Striker subclass. Their Fist of Havoc Super Ability decimates anything it comes in to contact with, but will put them face to face with enemies outside the blast radius. Defender Titans are the same way, able to rush in to battle with their Ward of Dawn Super Ability that both protects and buffs yourself and allies. Due to that playstyle, we recommend using an A/X, or ABYX, paddle configuration for the Titan in either subclass. Being able to manuever correctly both in and out of danger and keep ammo in your guns is crucial, and mapping those functions to the paddles makes it possible to do so while on the move and aiming down sights.

We took to Twitter once again to see what others had to say about the Titan:

Titan is the powerhouse class. Sure he doesn't do the most damage like the warlock, but he has survivability

The Defender subclass of the Titan is very versatile. Being able to put a shield up to stay alive is great.

Best class in the game imo, strong overall with versatile options and a deadly supercharge in the Fist of havoc!

Have more to say about Destiny? Check out our Facebook and Twitter pages to join in the discussion! Be sure to pick up your own Custom Scuf Controller for Xbox One HERE or PS4 HERE and join in the fight!

LONDON, November 8, 2018Scuf Gaming, innovator and creator of high-performance gaming controllers, is partnering with acclaimed musician deadmau5 for his latest pop-up experience, lots of stuff in a store, in London’s Soho district from November 11 - 17. At the pop-up event, deadmau5 fans and gamers will have the opportunity to purchase one of the 100 limited-edition SCUF deadmau5 controllers.

The new deadmau5 SCUF controller, exclusive to this event, features the signature “mau5head” logo and a unique color scheme. In addition, Scuf Gaming and deadmau5 will offer the opportunity to play deadmau5’s favorite game, PUBG, and other titles at in-store gaming stations.

“We’ve witnessed an incredible convergence between music, entertainment, and gaming, and our collaboration with deadmau5 is just one more example of that,” said Duncan Ironmonger, CEO and Co-founder of Scuf Gaming. “In addition to being a world-renowned musician, deadmau5 is a lifelong gamer, and we couldn’t be happier to partner with him. It’s so great to co-create a limited edition controller with his signature ‘mau5head’ logo and bring it to his fans and ours. ”

The exclusive deadmau5 SCUF controller will be available for purchase, as supplies last (£212 GBP), at the pop-up event, located on 19-23 Broadwick St. Soho, London.

About Scuf Gaming

Scuf Gaming®, innovator and creator of high-performance gaming controllers, provides superior accessories and customized gaming controllers for console and PC that are used by top professional gamers as well as casual gamers. Built to specification, SCUF controllers offer a number of functional and design features custom built to increase hand use and improve gameplay. SCUF controller features are covered by 45 granted patents, and another 57 pending, focusing on four key areas of a controller: the back control functions and handles, the trigger control mechanisms, the thumbstick control area and the side-mounted configurable Sax™ button placements.

For additional information about Scuf Gaming, please visit or follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, or Snapchat.



MLG brought another explosive event to Atlanta this weekend! With 172 teams in the running, and over $200,000 in prize money, the third major Call of Duty event of 2018 was always going to be a show stopper, and Rise Nation showed the world that they’ve still got plenty to offer pro gaming by taking home the first place trophy!

With two first place finishes under their belt this season, many were pulling for Team Kaliber to take home a third. And while TK couldn’t complete a 3 for 3 record, they still put on a great show before getting sent to the Loser’s Bracket by Team EnVyUs.

In the end, however, it was Rise Nation that brought down Red Reserve for a hefty cash prize, and a new shot at relevance in the 2018 CoD: WWII season!

As always, Team SCUF made a prominent appearance at CWL Atlanta, and the SCUF Booth was a hive of activity, with giveaways, autograph signings, and sneak peeks at some of the latest in custom controller technology. Legends such as OpTic, Rise Nation, Luminosity, TK, Faze, Splyce and EnVyUs visited the booth to sign merchandise and give a little bit back to the fanbase that keeps them going day after day. All in all, it was another amazing Call of Duty event for the books! But there’s no end of the action in sight, with CWL Birmingham promising to tear up the UK at the end of March, and CWL returning stateside to Seattle for more mayhem in April! As usual, Scuf Gaming will be on top of the excitement, and make sure you visit the SCUF Booth when you visit the latest Call of Duty World League events!
In this week’s affiliate profile, we’re looking at one of the greatest and most successful Call of Duty players of all time, the original Two Rings himself, Damon ‘Karma’ Barlow.

Living Esports-Karma


For a player who would become one of the greatest and most successful of all time, Karma didn’t have the explosive start to his career that you might imagine.

His break into the professional level came with the original Black Ops, during which he would be picked up by Raymond ‘Rambo’ Lussier to play under the legendary Xtravagant. Unfortunately, the team didn’t quite live up to the heights reached by the name in years past, with a respectable but not spectacular fifth-place at the MLG National Championship as their best showing to round out the year.

It wasn’t until Black Ops 2 that Karma really broke through as the super-star he is now known to be. At the start of the season he found himself on Fariko.Impact, and with the addition of Chris ‘Parasite’ Duarte and Marcus ‘MiRx’ Carter, they became an unstoppable force, with Karma leading the way. No longer was Karma just another pro – for much of that year, he was considered the best player in the world.

Since then, Karma has remained at the very top of the Call of Duty world, and his time with Impact combined with his part in both the compLexity and OpTic Gaming dynasties has meant that Karma has played a major role in defining the game over the course of his career.


Current Team

For more than two years now, Karma has made his home on OpTic Gaming, having transitioned to the organisation’s premier squad following a stint with an ill-fated OpTic Nation roster.

Today, he’s part of the longest-standing Call of Duty roster - not just playing currently, but of all time. There’s a reason for their longevity: this is arguably the greatest Call of Duty squad in gaming history.

Since the formation of this roster, they’ve been the number one team in the world almost without exception. Over the course of their time together – a period of more than two years spanning three Call of Duty titles – Karma and OpTic Gaming have collected more major event wins than every other team in the world combined.

To this day they remain the dominant force in Call of Duty: the only squad on Infinite Warfare to have won two major events, and the only team to have appeared in three major finals. They have won more championships than any other team in history, and the gap is only growing.


Career Highlight

For a player as successful as Karma, picking a single moment as a high water-mark in their career is always a challenge.

For those that have managed it, there is a particular accolade that holds greater prestige than any other – Call of Duty World Champion. Winners of the Call of Duty Championships and bearers of one of those coveted rings already belong to an exclusive club.

Karma, however, is even more of a rarity – he’s one of only two players in the world to have won the Call of Duty Championships twice.

Which begs the question – which was the greater victory? Was it his first, when his Fariko Impact squad became the very first World Champions on Black Ops 2, during which Karma was hailed as the greatest player in the world? Or was it the year after, as part of the unstoppable compLexity, when he became the very first repeat champion?

Whichever accomplishment you hold in higher regard, ultimately you can only marvel that the question even needs to be asked. Few players will ever have the privilege of having to ponder which of their Call of Duty Championships wins was ultimately the greater achievement, and from the position he’s currently in, Karma may yet add even more to the list.



Karma has been playing for long enough that his play-style has fluctuated at times. He’s one of few players capable of being effective in almost any role depending on the needs of his squad, so his play has at times varied to the requirements of his team.

The characteristic that has always prevailed, however, has been his game sense. When he became the best player in the world during Black Ops 2, it wasn’t just his immense skill with an SMG, but also how he moved around the map that separated him from his peers.

When he’s taken a more secondary role behind the star players of either compLexity or OpTic Gaming, he was still always capable of making a huge difference by recognising the gap he needed to fill and doing so, as well as being able to come up with the big play to save his team when necessary.

Karma’s mind for Call of Duty seems almost unique, and it’s what has made him such a consistently successful and adaptable player. Technically speaking, the “optimal” way to play is to make decisions with the highest probability of success, and yet if you watch Karma closely enough you’ll notice that he doesn’t always do so.

Instead, he seems to have an intuitive sense for the game that allows him to make decisions that most players wouldn’t. It’s this sense that allows him at times to transcend the “proper” approach and pull off plays that the majority of players couldn’t even conceive of, and also why Karma has long been one of the most exciting and fascinating players to watch.


Public persona

As one of the greatest and most successful players of all time, Karma was always destined to become a Call of Duty celebrity.

In many ways, it might have been easy to play the villain – he did, after all, play for two of the most controversial teams of all time in Impact and compLexity. Despite this, Karma’s easy-going personality meant that he never embraced the role of antagonist, preferring to simply carry on with his own business.

Though his talent in-game made him a figure who couldn’t be ignored, it was perhaps joining the enormously popular OpTic Gaming that super-charged his public profile. With the Green Wall behind him, today Karma boasts a massive 542,000 Twitter followers, streams regularly to his 211,000 Twitch followers and produces video content on a slightly less frequent basis for his 217,000 YouTube subscribers.

Living Esports-Karma_FB_Static
Alastair "Ali-A" Aiken is an extremely popular online content producer whose primary Youtube channel boasts over 6.7 million subscribers. Ali-A primarily features impressive and informative Call of Duty content that he showcases to his fans, the Ali-Aarmy.

Be sure to check out Ali-A reviewing the brand new SCUF Infinity1 Ali-A controller in the video below!

Start customizing your own SCUF Infinity1 Ali-A controller or SCUF 4PS Ali-A controller:

Ali-A custom xbox one controller

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Ali-A custom playstation4 controller
A game came out this year that is so challenging that it’s caused players to shriek dark curses from deep within their soul. A game that has lit a bonfire in the hearts of the rabid fan base ready and eager to take on its massive world of beautiful sights and labyrinthine dungeons. A game that is just as well known for its elaborate arsenal as it is for its bizarre and terrifying enemy combatants.

That game, of course, is Enter The Gungeon.

Why? What did you think I was talking about?

Enter The Gungeon is another quirky indie title brought to us from the people at Devolver Digital. It combines the fast-paced, teeth-gritting frustration of a Shoot-Em-Up with the unpredictability of Roguelike. And if the usual challenge of a SHMUP isn’t enough, designers Dodge Roll Games up the ante with one of the most bizarre collection of baddies and bosses I have ever seen. In Enter The Gungeon you’ll have shoot outs with steroid-popping seagulls, revolver-toting cultists, and shotgun shells armed with shotguns. All of this while a heart-thumping soundtrack blasts in the background.

It’s a truly memorable ride with a cast so colorful that you’ll almost forget that every second of it is riddled with bullets and some of the most challenging gameplay you’ll ever experience. And while I normally think of my SCUF Controller as primarily for my favorite multiplayers, using the paddles for Enter The Gungeon proved to be invaluable. Because you’re constantly under assault, having the ability to roll, reload, and switch guns on the fly kept me alive for far longer than I had any business surviving. Turns out, a few seconds makes all the difference in the world when you’re staring down a spread shot of 50 bullets at a time!

Everything about Enter The Gungeon is exciting. The insane bad guys, the inventive arsenal, the blistering soundtrack: all of it makes for a game that is absolutely worth playing.


PRESS RELEASE: 24th April, 2014 – Scuf Gaming continues their partnership with famous American rock band, Avenged Sevenfold to release the LIMITED EDITION SCUF ONE Avenged controller for use on the Xbox ONE. The LIMITED EDITION SCUF ONE Avenged boasts a repeating print of the band’s logo; a skull with bat wings (Death Bat) on the guide button and LIMITED EDITION SCUF ONE Avenged Sidewinder paddles on the reverse of the controller. Only 2,000 LIMITED EDITION SCUF ONE Avenged are available! They’re hand crafted, unique and come with an authentication certificate with signatures of band members. The band’s lead vocalist, M. Shadows, is an avid Call Of Duty gamer and fell in love with SCUF controllers since using them in early 2012. In August of 2013, SCUF partnered with Avenged Sevenfold releasing the SCUF Avenged Hybrid controller, which gathered an astounding response.



Shadows says, “The band is thrilled to be working with SCUF again. When the SCUF Avenged Hybrid, for Xbox360 & PS3, was released last year, the response was amazing and the only reason more people didn’t get one was because they were waiting on the release of the Xbox ONE Console. Now that SCUF have released the LIMITED EDITION SCUF ONE Avenged, I can imagine the response will be huge, as I know our fans love SCUF like I do – the new back paddles are a must and the other new features are very cool! Since using SCUF, I’ve been hooked and as an avid gamer myself, it’s really improved my game! SCUF Controllers are still a hidden gem in the mainstream, but are extensively used in the Pro Gaming scene where most Top Pro Gamers use a SCUF to play Call Of Duty!”

The LIMITED EDITION SCUF ONE Avenged combines the familiarity of the XBOX ONE controller with even more unique SCUF features. With over 4 patents granted and another 23 applied for, the LIMITED EDITION SCUF ONE Avenged optional features are rich, interchangeable and robust; from Paddle Hatch to the new concealed Internal Hair Trigger & Stop mechanism to the innovative Electro-Magnetic Remapping (EMR), every aspect of the LIMITED EDITION SCUF ONE Avenged is designed to increase hand use, improve comfort and reduce latency in an intuitive and ergonomic way. Fully customize function, feature, form and design to the gamer’s preferred style of gameplay, feel and look. The LIMITED EDITION SCUF ONE Avenged enables you to use more of your hand in a safe and ergonomic way and truly become the best gamer you can be!

Duncan Ironmonger, CEO & Co-Founder Scuf Gaming, says “We’re honored to be working with M. Shadows and Avenged Sevenfold again for the launch of the LIMITED EDITION SCUF ONE Avenged. M. Shadows is a great gamer and huge name in the Call Of Duty community. We had an incredible response to the SCUF Avenged Hybrid last year as Avenged fans crashed our website on the first day of release! Fans have been requesting the LIMITED EDITION SCUF ONE Avenged for months now so we’re excited to finally release this great new product.”


The LIMITED EDITION SCUF ONE Avenged controller is available for purchase at Base price starts at $159.95, additional upgrades are available. Direct link:

Functions – (Hand Assembled)

  • §  Choice of 2 SCUF Thumbsticks - (Included)

  • §  2 custom Avenged SCUF Sidewinder back Paddles(*NEW patented technology) - (Included)

  • §  Internal Adjustable Hair Trigger & Stop Mechanism -(Optional Upgrade)

  • §  E.M.R. - Electro Magnetic Remapping – (Optional Upgrade)

  • §  SCUF Grip or Pro Grip Handles – (Optional Upgrade)

  • §  Weight Reduction Option / Remove Rumbles – (Optional Upgrade)ABOUT AVENGED SEVENFOLD

Design – (Hand Crafted)
§ Custom Avenged front shell with repeating Avenged

logo (Included)
§ Custom Avenged Death Bat guide button (Included) § 4 black (ABXY) action buttons (Included)
§ Limited Edition certificate with Avenged Sevenfold

band member’s signatures (2000 available)- (Included)

Over the course of the last 14 years, Avenged Sevenfold have grown to be one of the biggest names in heavy metal music. Consistently releasing ground breaking, genre defying music, the band have written and recorded some of the best and most acclaimed rock albums of the 21st Century, each different, but equally as brilliant as it’s predecessor. Their breath-taking live shows have garnered an unshakeable reputation as one of the most must-see bands in the world. Their most recent studio album, ‘Hail To The King’, was the band’s first to hit the #1 spot in the UK and their second to top the Billboard charts in the US. Over the years, Avenged Sevenfold has built a fanatical fan base that includes nearly 17 million fans on Facebook and over 1.2 million fans on Twitter. Avenged Sevenfold begins their Shepherd of Fire tour in April 2014.


Scuf Gaming is the manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer, and restorer of custom video game equipment and accessories. A company focused on providing “tactical gear for elite gamers,” SCUF entered the market three years ago with the SCUF controller. Along with patented back paddles, Scuf Gaming controllers also feature adjustable hair triggers, trigger stops, military grade SCUF grip and optional domed or concave SCUF sticks. SCUF controllers are legally approved for use at most major competitions to include MLG, EGL, WGL, Gfinity, Reflex, UMG, ESL, etc. Scuf Gaming also sell a variety of accessories and apparel specifically designed for Elite Gamers.

The Race To Prestige continues, and Team SCUF is taking the opportunity to remember some of the best moments from Races gone by.

2012 was the first year that the Race To Prestige was officially recognized by Activision, and it brought with it the opportunity for fuller coverage with higher-profile gamers. Taking up this challenge was the appropriately named “Hashtag The Race”: a single Gamertag communally used by popular pro-gamers Ernest Le, TmarTn, GoldGlove, and JERiiCHO. Taking over the driver’s seat in shifts, the quartet shot, stabbed, and airstriked their way through several days of grinding, always in the Twitch camera’s view. And though this assembly of streamers made for exciting viewing, they were far from the only group participating. Thousands of gamers, streamers, and fans all over the world joined in on the fun (and sleep depravity) as each set their sights on becoming the first Prestige Master in 2012.

Perhaps one of the most enjoyable things about watching “Hashtag The Race” scramble through their 80 levels of combat was seeing brand new CoD features unfold in front of them for the first time. The game was Call Of Duty: Black Ops 2, and it was as new to the featured streamers as it was to anyone else playing it. Watching weapons unlock and strategies unfurl was not only a terrific source of entertainment: it was a learning experience for would-be pro-gamers viewing the Twitch stream from their homes around the world.

2012jpg   2012jpg2   2012jpg3

Ernest Le’s profound love for the Tomahawk, for example, was made perfectly clear from the get go, particularly during one amazing sequence where he was able to pull off a triple kill: the final throw of which was made from half a map away (see video below). JERiiCHO’s realization of the strategic importance of the Slum map’s “blue room” was another fond memory, particularly when he began to evolve his game to match. Moments like these set the stage not only for 2012’s Race, but for Races to come. A widespread audience saw that the event wasn’t just about bragging rights: it was about training yourself on the ins and outs of each multiplayer map, and doing it in a hurry.

That learning curve was not wasted on “Hashtag The Race”. During their multi-day run, they were ranked 1st in the world for score, making the live stream not only exciting, but somewhat historic. This moment in history was followed swiftly by the first Prestige Master in the world, oTradeMark, claiming his victory after over five straight days of playing. All this excitement set the standard for the future, where the event would only grow in viewership, leading to an outpouring of donations for the Call of Duty Endowment in Races to come.

Join us tomorrow for a look at 2013’s Race To Prestige.

[video width="1280" height="720" mp4=""][/video]
Matt 'Nadeshot' Haag has been a pivotal player in the Call of Duty® eSports scene. He is best known as the former captain of OpTic Gaming, one of the most successful gaming organizations in eSports.

Nadeshot is an X Games gold medalist, has an extremely popular Youtube channel and can be seen on MLG.tvstream.

Be sure to pick up the official SCUF controllers of one of the most influential players in eSports history.
Nadeshot SCUF custom controllers