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This Friday, August 22nd, UMG Dallas 2014 begins! With such a strong showing for #TeamSCUF Pro Teams at the recent Gfinity 3 tournament we couldn’t be more excited to see what the teams will bring this weekend.

Team EnVyUs will likely be the talk of the tournament after coming off such a strong victory at G3. A
15-1 win/loss map showing, and team member FormaL leading the entire tournament with a 1.35 KD has EnVy poised to keep their momentum going. To play like your favorite Pro’s from Team EnVyUs, check out the EnVy SCUF One HERE.

OpTic Gaming had a disappointing performance, to say the least, at the G3 tournament but that could very well be the motivation they needed to up their game for Dallas. Everyone knows the team can perform with the best, and this tournament is their change to remind us of that. Check out the new OpTic SCUF One controller HERE.

In a rare turn of events, OpTic Nation managed to finish higher than OG at the recent Gfinity Tournament. The team showed high level play during their bout to their 3rd place finish, and we expect to see them perform at Dallas as well. Check out the original OpTic SCUF One HERE.

FaZe Pro Team did well at G3 with their recent roster change adding Parasite and Apathy. Giving the team some time to better coordinate the players, FaZe could perform quite well this weekend. Pick up your own FaZe SCUF One HERE.

While not bringing the best performance at G3, we know Team Kaliber is capable of great things. The, relatively, recent roster change back to their original lineup should prove to be very formidable indeed, and we hope to see them “wow” us this weekend. Pick up your very own TK SCUF One HERE.

Curse Gaming was one man down at Gfinity with Tipsy not being able to play. Now that things are squared away, the squad should be in full force this upcoming weekend with great things expected. Click HERE to see the SCUF One Curse controller!

JusTus Pro has done nothing but improve as a team since their inception. Everyone will be interested to see what they bring to UMG Dallas this year and how much of a name they can make for themselves.

After not qualifying for Season 3, Strictly Business will have to play hard at UMG Dallas to remind everyone how formidable of a team they truly are. The addition of new teammate Phizzurp should also show their strength as a team. Pick up your very own Strictly Business SCUF One HERE.
MLG Columbus


Last weekend marked the first MLG of the new Call of Duty season. With 108 teams from around the globe heading to Columbus, Ohio to compete for the title of MLG Columbus champion.


Columbus was also the first opportunity for Call of Duty fans to see Infinity Ward's answer to the CoDCaster mode, made popular during the reign of Black Ops 2, along with new game modes like Blitz that had found their way into the play list. Scuf Gaming were also on site as one of the event's sponsors, with an exhibition both for fans to test out the latest Scuf Gaming products and purchase them over the course of the weekend.


The event wasn't without its surprises, with Optic Gaming having a rough ride in the first event of Ghosts. Other Scuf Gaming sponsored teams, Team EnVyUS, Team Kaliber and Complexity all fared better, with EnVyUS eventually settling for a fourth place finish, a marked improvement from only a few months ago. The final was eventually contested between the world #1, Complexity and Gfinity third place finishers, Team Kaliber.


The Grand Final was an epic affair and could have gone either way. Once again the boys of Complexity were able to dig deep when it mattered, though, and Clayster, Crimsix, Teepee and Aches helped themselves to their fourth consecutive event title; with G2, MLG Fall Invitational and ESWC preceding Columbus. Complexity have now equalled  the record breaking four successive titles set by Impact during the early stages of Black Ops 2, While also using Scuf Gaming controllers.




You can purchase the controllers used by Complexity, Team Kaliber, EnVyUS, Optic Gaming and others by clicking here >. Our Pro Gaming section features our range of branded team controllers. You can now play like your favorite pros and maybe you'll be the next player to achieve MLG glory. Scuf Gaming would like to congratulate all the success Scuf Gaming sponsored pro players this weekend. As always, we'll see you next time.

PRESS RELEASE – September 19, 2013: Scuf Gaming is delighted to announce a partnership with Major League Gaming (MLG) who have been a dominant force in the competitive eSports scene for over 10 years! Whether it’s with their live events, or through their thriving online community within MLG: Play (formerly Game Battles; GB), MLG attracts millions of enthusiastic gamers from across the globe to watch and to play in their competitive online environment, bringing growth to the eSports world. Through the new partnership, Scuf will showcase their products via MLG online properties, events and more.

“We are delighted to be partnered with MLG, the leader in the eSports community,” said Duncan Ironmonger, CEO & Co-Founder Scuf Gaming. “Since our humble beginnings we have always strived to become fully recognized as the premiere Gaming Controller Company so today is a big milestone for us at Scuf Gaming. Every SCUF controller is built with the gamer’s personal preference and style in consideration. Since creating the SCUF Controller, we have worked extremely hard to support the professional and elite gaming community where we are now adopted by over 85% of the Top Pro Gamers. We have spent almost 3 years educating gamers on how to use paddles and on how to utilize more of their hand use, in a safe and ergonomic way; helping to enhance their gaming experience and skill during competitive game play. We love what we do and continually strive to improve and innovate for the Pro Gaming market. We feel privileged to be working with Major League Gaming as their commitment to excellence is unsurpassed and I personally can’t wait for the year ahead!”

“We are excited to work with Scuf Gaming to further introduce their high-quality controllers to Major League Gaming,” said Sundance DiGiovanni, CEO and founder, Major League Gaming. “Scuf has created a great, customizable controller that addresses the needs of gamers and we look forward to rolling out our partnership in the coming months.”

ABOUT SCUF GAMING: Until the SCUF was invented in 2010, gamers could only use compromising techniques like CLAW to play with more of their hand. Using back paddles, which mimic the front buttons, Scuf Gaming has made it possible to display more dexterity in a safe, ergonomic way. We understand the limitations of a normal controller for Professional gamers, who need to control over 20 functions whilst they’re in gameplay; making use of only 2 fingers and 2 thumbs is extremely limiting at the Top level. One size cannot fit all and will not fit all for the Elite 10% of the community. It can restrict the advancement of play, the games and their enjoyment; hence why some Professional players were eventually forced to use techniques like CLAW; which can be very harmful to your hand with repetition. The paddles and trigger mechanisms that Scuf Gaming developed and patented allow each player to choose their preferred settings for gameplay and help to make them become the best gamer of their ability.

SCUF controllers have become very well known in the Professional Gaming Community, especially after one of the most recent events; COD Championships in Los Angeles, where 126 of the 128 Pro-players competing were using a SCUF Controller. Most recently Scuf Gaming released the NEW SCUF Hybrid – make sure you don’t miss out on your chance to own one. For more information, please visit

About Major League Gaming: Major League Gaming (MLG) ( is the home for online multiplayer gaming with a dedicated and growing community of 8 million gamers worldwide. MLG’s premier online gaming platform is the ultimate destination for gamers to compete, improve their skills, socialize and watch video game programming daily via MLG broadens the online experience with Pro Circuit Championship tournaments nationwide assembling the world’s best players and commentators in front of in-person spectators and simultaneously streaming the action online. MLG’s broadcasts reach one of the most highly-engaged networks of 16-34 year old males (80% 16-34 year olds; 90% male, and over 40% HHI $100k+: Comscore), with live streams of MLG Championship weekends captivating an average of 2 million unique viewers globally who spend an average of 150 minutes watching.
The final Call of Duty World League open event has ended. Over the weekend, 113 teams fought it out, with Luminosity Gaming emerging triumphant at MLG Anaheim after a 3-1 win in the grand final against Splyce. There were many standout moments from Epsilon, Evil Geniuses, and Enigma6, and we are sure that the remainder of this year’s Call of Duty season will be full of surprises, upsets and high-octane competition.

Scuf Gaming was there for all the action in Anaheim, and the SCUF Booth was set up and ready to go the moment the doors opened on Friday. Between the MLG Anaheim Giveaway, all the battles onstage, and the autograph sessions with teams like OpTic, FaZe, EnVyUs, eUnited, and Luminosity, there was no limit of excitement. Now, we are hyped and geared up for these final months of competition before the CoD World Championship in August!

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With upsets and records galore, the 2016 Call of Duty World Championships is going down in the books as one of the most exciting eSports events.

But some of Team SCUF's favorite moments happened behind the scenes.

One of the best moments at the SCUF booth involved the unveiling of a massive 3D SCUF Infinity 4PS controller. CoD XP attendees lined up to do their best impression of a thumbstick, and the results were hilarious.

dsc02366   dsc02375   dsc02598

In addition to posing with our giant TeamSCUF Infinity 4PS controller, fans were excited to join us at the official CoD XP SCUF Signing Booth. Pro Teams stopped by to visit with fans and sign posters, controllers, and memorabilia. From EnVy to OpTic, FaZe to Infused: people lined up all around the booth to meet some of the greatest eSports players of all time.

dsc02414   dsc02549   envy-signing-2

CoD XP was also the official site of the unveiling of Team SCUF's Snapchat. It wasn't just the pro players and energy of the crowd that was documented, everything from zip lines to zombies made an appearance, and we made a compilation of our favorite moments for you right here.

Bringing their “Weekend Of Intel” to a close, Activision and Sledgehammer released their mini-documentary, “Brotherhood Of Heroes”: a touching tribute to the real men and women who risked their lives during the second World War to prevent Nazi tyranny the world over, and how to create a story based around such an important moment in history.

Much of the video is narrated by Martin K.A. Morgan, a World War II historian and scholar, who was instrumental in bringing the right level of honor and respect to a story that takes place during one of the most trying times in world history. “Brotherhood Of Heroes” takes you through some of the most important places and times during WWII, and shows you how the game will translate those moments.

“This isn’t a fictional war,” says Sledgehammer’s Art Director Joe Salud, “So it’s really important that we communicate to the player to have a strong understanding of what happened and what the time was like.”

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