Enter The Gungeon With SCUF!

A game came out this year that is so challenging that it’s caused players to shriek dark curses from deep within their soul. A game that has lit a bonfire in the hearts of the rabid fan base ready and eager to take on its massive world of beautiful sights and labyrinthine dungeons. A game that is just as well known for its elaborate arsenal as it is for its bizarre and terrifying enemy combatants.

That game, of course, is Enter The Gungeon.

Why? What did you think I was talking about?

Enter The Gungeon is another quirky indie title brought to us from the people at Devolver Digital. It combines the fast-paced, teeth-gritting frustration of a Shoot-Em-Up with the unpredictability of Roguelike. And if the usual challenge of a SHMUP isn’t enough, designers Dodge Roll Games up the ante with one of the most bizarre collection of baddies and bosses I have ever seen. In Enter The Gungeon you’ll have shoot outs with steroid-popping seagulls, revolver-toting cultists, and shotgun shells armed with shotguns. All of this while a heart-thumping soundtrack blasts in the background.

It’s a truly memorable ride with a cast so colorful that you’ll almost forget that every second of it is riddled with bullets and some of the most challenging gameplay you’ll ever experience. And while I normally think of my SCUF Controller as primarily for my favorite multiplayers, using the paddles for Enter The Gungeon proved to be invaluable. Because you’re constantly under assault, having the ability to roll, reload, and switch guns on the fly kept me alive for far longer than I had any business surviving. Turns out, a few seconds makes all the difference in the world when you’re staring down a spread shot of 50 bullets at a time!

Everything about Enter The Gungeon is exciting. The insane bad guys, the inventive arsenal, the blistering soundtrack: all of it makes for a game that is absolutely worth playing.