Destiny Class Overviews and Scuf Controller Configurations

Destiny is still in full force as millions of gamers across the world continue to delve deeper in to the game. With Bungie constantly updating, patching, and releasing new content, Destiny is poised to stick around for a long time.

We at SCUF love Destiny and wanted to share some of our recommendations for paddle configurations on our Custom SCUF controllers while you play the game:

destiny hunter

First up is the Hunter class, considered by many to be the strongest class in the Crucible, Destiny's Player vs. Player Arena. For your SCUF Controller paddle setup, we recommend A/Y for two paddles and ABXY for four, as mobility and weapon swapping should be your two main concerns. Those paddle configurations are recommended for both Gunslinger and Bladedancer subclasses. We also reached out to fans on Twitter to get their reactions to the Hunter:

"Very strong subclasses, but don't mix very well between PVE and PVP. BD (Bladedancer) special and melee are worthless on bosses."

"I love the Hunter. So many cool abilities and if you have good aim + impact, the Gold Gun is insane."

"The throwing knife is mad fun."

Destiny warlock

Next up is the Warlock, which excels at ranged combat, whether in the Voidwalker or Sunsinger subclass. Since our initial review of Destiny, we have taken more time to experience the Warlock overall; both sub-classes, its playstyle, etc. We still recommend, for both sub-classes, to have your far left paddle on the SCUF Controller, be the A button; mobility is key in Destiny overall and being able to jump, glide, and aim is crucial. The far right paddle we would put as X if you are playing an upclose Sunsinger, for those quick reloads; for a more ranged focused Warlock we would put the far right as Y. The middle two paddles, for those of you using the four paddle design, are entirely at your discretion, but we definitely recommend those left and right paddle configurations above.

We went to Twitter to see what you all thought of the Warlock class, and here are some of the responses:

"It's an extremely efficient support class while using the Sunsinger subclass, and assaulter via Voidwalker."

"An absolute tank with its shot gun melee"

"Personally, I feel I'm at a disadvantage while using this class compared to the Hunter & Titan."

destiny titan

Our final class spotlight for Destiny features the Titan; a character who can choose to literally jump in to the fray to cause devastating damage, or to protect allies. Titans are most comfortable on the front lines of the battle, especially those playing the Striker subclass. Their Fist of Havoc Super Ability decimates anything it comes in to contact with, but will put them face to face with enemies outside the blast radius. Defender Titans are the same way, able to rush in to battle with their Ward of Dawn Super Ability that both protects and buffs yourself and allies. Due to that playstyle, we recommend using an A/X, or ABYX, paddle configuration for the Titan in either subclass. Being able to manuever correctly both in and out of danger and keep ammo in your guns is crucial, and mapping those functions to the paddles makes it possible to do so while on the move and aiming down sights.

We took to Twitter once again to see what others had to say about the Titan:

Titan is the powerhouse class. Sure he doesn't do the most damage like the warlock, but he has survivability

The Defender subclass of the Titan is very versatile. Being able to put a shield up to stay alive is great.

Best class in the game imo, strong overall with versatile options and a deadly supercharge in the Fist of havoc!

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