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Scuf Gaming is proud to announce the launch of SCUF Spain's social media accounts on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram! These pages join SCUF Global, SCUF France, and SCUF Italy as Team SCUF makes its way all over the world.

Follow SCUF Spain for SCUF-related news and Spanish esports announcements!


As an added bonus, all Spain-based members of TeamSCUF are invited to sign up for our latest giveaway! Details below:

Gana un SCUF Infinity para PS4 o Xbox One
SCUF Ghost Hybrid for Xbox 360

Scuf Gaming proudly presents our Limited Edition SCUF Ghost Hybrid controller for Call Of Duty Ghost launch day.

(click image to see the product on our website)

SCUF Ghost

With a fully transforming 2-stage thermal color changing paint, this controller magically reveals 2 x half ghost faces on the left and right handles, which appear as heat is applied through contact with the hand. The SCUF Ghost controller also includes a custom hand made 3D silver ghost skull encased in clear guide button. With bright white LEDs, smoke buttons, SCUF Ghost paddles and GHOST on the bottom trim, each controller is hand crafted using an 8-stage hand painted process and is truly unique! Additional options include, 4 paddles, remapping of the outside paddles, rotating D-Pad, trigger stops, domed sticks and SCUF military grade grip. All SCUF controllers are competition approved for use at MLG, EGL, WGL, Reflex, Gfinity, ESL and more!


SCUF Ghosts PS3

Scuf Gaming proudly presents our Limited Edition SCUF Ghost PS controller for Call Of Duty Ghost launch day.

(click image to see the product on our website)

SCUF Ghosts PS3
We’re prepping for CoD XP by asking the pros a series of questions. Get to know your favorite Pro Player just a little bit more with our Player Profile Mini Series. Today, we’re featuring Loony from The Rise Nation:

Real Name: Daniel Loza

Gamer Tag: Loony

Current Team: The Rise Nation

Hometown: Venice, California

How long have you been gaming? Casually for 14 years. Competitively for 5 years.

If you could be any video game character who would you be? Link

What’s your favorite childhood game? Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater

What’s the last TV show that you binge watched? Game of Thrones

What is your Guilty Pleasure? Putting Tapatio on everything

Who is your Celebrity Crush? Selena Gomez

Favorite Comfort Food? Ceviche

What’s one of your biggest pet peeves? Loud eaters

Do you have any weird phobias? Can’t think of any weird phobias

Do you have any weird habits? Lurking Twitter all day

Fun Fact? I’m 100% Mexican
The Race To Prestige continues into its third day, and our look back at the history of The Race pushes its way into 2013.

2013 brought the world Call of Duty: Ghosts, and a new sense of charitability to The Race. Actively requesting donations for the Call of Duty Endowment during the stream, a familiar group of players banded once again under the team alias of “Hashtag The Race”. This year’s team consisted of TmarTn, iiJERiiCHOii, MrErnestLe, MuzzaFuzza, and GoldGlove. What followed was another year of highlights and action, coupled with sleep-deprived humor, and the exploration of a completely new world in the Call of Duty universe. Far from the only players aiming for glory, “Hashtag The Race” would be joined in the trial by pro-gaming legends OpTic Gaming, Complexity, and EnVyUs. So no matter what, The Race was going to be a firestorm.

Regardless of the competition, “Hashtag the Race” would be formidable contenders. By the time Ghosts was released, the team was already solidified into their individual roles of experience-looting super soldiers. Whether they were tired or not, there was no shortage of causes to celebrate, including MrErnestLe’s first K.E.M. killstreak, which had everyone on stream holding their breath in anticipation…

[video width="1280" height="720" mp4=""][/video]


And, of course, the greatest lesson of all that we learned watching the livestream: never get within 50 feet of MuzzaFuzza when he has access to a minigun.

[video width="1280" height="720" mp4=""][/video]

At the end of an epic, sleepless week of gaming, a familiar face reigned supreme. oTradeMark and PWNSTARZdotCOM were declared the first Prestige Masters in 2013 for Call of Duty: Ghosts. But ultimately, “Hashtag The Race” declared the entire event a victory, having raised tens of thousands of dollars for the Call Of Duty Endowment. Another fast-paced Race drew to a close, but in terms of charity and excitement, the best was yet to come.

Join us tomorrow as Team SCUF takes a look back at the 2014 Race To Prestige!

Once again, the galaxy is in danger of destruction from unstoppable forces, and once again, it looks like it’s going to be a whole lot of fun.

Injustice 2 is being released today for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and TeamSCUF has been gearing up to play. Everything about this sequel makes us think of what we loved about the original Injustice: Gods Among Us. All of those classic conflicts are there: friend versus friend, father versus son, and Batman versus everybody. But now the malevolent Brainiac is pulling the strings.

With dozens of characters to play and master, everyone’s scrambling to get their grind in, and TeamSCUF is no different. In addition to the ability to map button attacks to the SCUF Infinity1 and the SCUF IMPACT’s paddle control system, we’ve already thanked our lucky Starfires for the SCUF Control Disc, which makes our movements more fluid than we could expect from a regular D-Pad.

What characters are you looking to master?

More importantly than that, whose side are you taking? Are you still in Superman’s corner? Or are you looking to bring down the Dictator Man of Steel?

This week’s affiliate profile takes a look at a legend of modern Halo in Tony ‘Lethul’ Campbell Jr.




Lethul made his major event debut towards the end of the Halo 3 era, playing at MLG Columbus in 2010. It wasn’t a spectacular first outing, but at the start of the Halo Reach season just months later, Lethul would be launched into the spotlight for the new game, winning the MLG Washington D.C. Combine and following up with a win in the MLG Dallas Halo Reach exhibition tournament.

When the MLG circuit for Reach got going the following year, Lethul remained at the top, with finals appearances at MLG Dallas and MLG Orlando, and victory at MLG Raleigh as highlights of the season. Lethul remained among the elite for the whole of Reach and through Halo 4, but it was on Halo 2: Anniversary Edition that he would really stamp his authority on the game.

Playing under Evil Geniuses, Lethal would dominate for the entirety of the H2A season, winning the majority of the tournaments he attended, including both seasons of the Halo Championship Series. From the release of H2A to present, Lethul has been the most successful player in Halo, consistently winning trophies for the past three years.

Current team

Lethul currently represents OpTic Gaming as the most dominant and successful force in Halo 5. The squad originally came together at the game’s release under Counter Logic Gaming, before moving to the green wall in the summer of 2016.

Alongside Paul ‘SnakeBite’ Duarte, Matthew ‘Royal2’ Fiorante and Bradley ‘Frosty’ Bergstrom, Lethul has been a part of creating a dynasty which has so far spanned the entirety of Halo 5’s lifespan.

Since the game’s release, Lethul and co have been the most successful team in the world, and it’s not close. The squad has been a permanent feature of grand finals and won the majority of them. There is almost no accolade that the team hasn’t collected over the near two years of their rule.


Great achievement

When success comes as consistently as it has for Lethul over the past three years, that in itself begins to eclipse any single moment. Many teams and players can win titles, almost none will ever experience anything close to the level of continued dominance Lethul has imposed upon the game.

Within such immense success, however, there are particular accomplishments that stand out even among the rest. In any game, for those that can claim it, the title of “World Champion” is usually the pinnacle achievement of a career.

In Halo, there are only four players that can make such a claim, and Lethul is among them. That’s not simply because there has only been one such event – there have been two since the Halo World Championships’ inception in 2016. Lethul and his team claimed victory at both.


Lethul has long been a really solid team player. Many would categorize him as something of a "glue guy," if you will to put it into a more traditional sports term. He’s constantly in good spots and shooting things to make things easier for his teammates. He’s a team first kind of player who has no problem dying if it means his teammates will get 2 or 3 kills or secure the objective. This unselfish play and ability to bring a team together has seen Lethul help his team to countless Major titles, including two World Championships.


Public persona

Publicly, Lethul is known as something of a troll. Not one to shy away from the jokes, he’s embraced the extra publicity that comes part and parcel with representing OpTic Gaming. His unveiling as a member of OpTic was also iconic, teaming up with owner H3cz as part of a shock reveal at the end of an episode of OpTic Vision.