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Scuf Gaming is proud to announce its support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month with the introduction of our first Controller of the Month: the SCUF Pink Ribbon. Emblazoned with a shower of pink in a soft touch finish, the Pink Ribbon stands as a proud representative of breast cancer survivors and those we've lost along the way. But don't let the delicate exterior fool you: each of these handcrafted controllers comes equipped with the same premium technology that has kept SCUF in hands of 90% of Pro Players for years.


Keeping with the theme of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a portion of every Pink Ribbon sold will go toward Breast Cancer Research and Awareness.

With this inaugural Controller of the Month, Scuf Gaming hopes to offer a tribute to survivors all over the world. This limited edition SCUF Infinity Series controller is available for Xbox One and PS4. Whether it's a gift for yourself or someone you know, pick one up before they're gone!
Everyone has their favorite cluster of squadmates for multiplayer get togethers: it definitely beats sitting around waiting for some random pubbies to join. Activision released a CoD: WWII trailer today that does a brilliant job of recreating the feeling of getting the old team back together for something new and exciting.

Now, while this particular squad seems a little… overpopulated… It’s got everyone at TeamSCUF excited to gather their teammates and decimate the battlefields in Call of Duty: WWII.

November’s right around the corner, and we are pumped.

Return To SCUF CoD HQ

The latest in Call of Duty DLC has an arrival date of January 30th, and it's bringing more maps, more war, and more zombies!

With a theme of uprisings against the Nazi scourge, the appropriately titled The Resistance will be Activision's first DLC pack for CoD: WWII, and features plenty of new ways to keep multiplayer fresh for soldiers who were there in the beginning, fought their way through the Winter, and are now looking for more ways to play.

First and foremost, The Resistance will feature three new maps: the Czechoslovakian-centered Anthropoid, the Eastern Front action of Valkyrie, and Occupation: a remake of the classic Call Of Duty map Resistance, which made its first appearance in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

Call of Duty DLC

If you're looking for more objectives-based action, The Resistance is introducing Operation Intercept. The mission surrounding this latest War Mode map involves an Allied rescue attempt on resistance fighters being transported outside of St. Lo, France. Free your allies, destroy Axis communication equipment, and bring their latest train full of innocents to a complete (and permanent) halt.

And finally, if regular Nazis aren't scary enough for you, The Resistance continues CoD: WWII's epic Zombie tale with the latest chapter: The Darkest Shore. The terrifying action in this one sounds like a truly lock n' load good time, so we're going to let Activision themselves describe it:
The Darkest Shore follows our heroes into the next chapter of their dangerous journey. Only days after the horrific disaster of Mittelburg, the crew has received intel that suggests Doktor Straub is on an island just north of Germany. Blanketed in fog, this island is surrounded by Nazi air and sea power – and crawling with the Undead. Marie, Drostan, Olivia, and Jefferson will need to battle all this and more to uncover the mysteries hidden within the Darkest Shore.

If that doesn't sound like enough intrigue, danger, and crazy flesh-eating zombies for you, then check your pulse: you might be a zombie yourself. The Resistance DLC is coming on January 30th, and you know Scuf Gaming is going to be there the first day: racking up kills and blowing up trains.

Are you ready for The Resistance? Make sure you have the right equipment, and take a look at SCUF's BOTG Bundle, full of everything you'll need to bring the Axis to its knees.
It’s Friday, so that means we’re taking a look at the goings-on from across the video gaming world this week. Here are our top stories from the last seven days.

Rocket League Set for October Update

October will see a new update to Rocket League entitled ‘Aquadome’ and will include a water-themed arena. Two new DLC Battle-cars – Proteus and Triton – will release at the same time, available for purchase at $1.99. Rocket League recently released their September DLC pack which included a new mode called Rumble.

Battlefield 1 Maps Announced

The entire map list for Battlefield 1 has been revealed. As well as Sinai Desert, which is playable in the beta, the following maps will be available out the box:

 Ballroom Blitz

 Argonne Forest

 Fao Fortress

 Suez

 The St. Quentin Scar

 Amiens

 Monte Grappa

 Empire's Edge

The game also ships with a variety of modes familiar to regular Battlefield players, including Conquest, Domination, Operations, Rush, War Pigeons and Team Deathmatch. The full game is set for release 21 st October. Not only that, the first DLC map has also been announced and is due for release, for free, in December. The free map will be called Giant’s Shadow.

Street Fighter 5 Getting New Character

Street Fighter 5 players on PS4 and PC can now take advantage of a new major update. The patch introduces ‘vs CPU’ mode to SFV for the first time, enabling you to take on an A.I. opponent – a mode that bizarrely didn’t ship with the game. Perhaps more excitingly, you can now get your hands on a new playable character, Urien, the Vice President of the Illuminati. You can download Urien from the relevant market place, or you’ll receive the character for free if you’re a season pass holder. The update also includes a number of new KO options across the different maps, while premium costumes are also available to buy.

GTA Online Bikers Update

GTA Online is the gift that just keeps on giving and the next major expansion is just around the corner. This most recent update is focused around motorbikes, giving players the opportunity to run their own motorcycle club. The update will even introduce a hierarchy, where perspective members can progress through the ranks from prospect right the way up to club president. There’s also set to be a number of new modes for both cooperative and competitive gameplay, as well as a host of bikes, tats and motorbike club-themed weapons. If you want to live life in the fast lane on two wheels, this is the update for you.

TwitchCon Update

As TwitchCon edges closer, Twitch has made more major announcements about new features added to the show. Firstly, Twitch have announced ‘The Party,’ headlined by regular streamer and world famous DJ, Steve Aoki, supported by T-Pain and Darude. TwitchCon will also feature an area for eSports battles which will host a number of competitive tournaments aimed at both amateurs and pro-gamers.

If you just want to relax and watch some eSports then you’re also in luck, as the event will feature a dedicated eSports viewing lounge. Attendees can also enjoy a scavenger hunt over the course of the weekend, or tap into their creative side and do a paint-along with Bob Ross. What more could you want? TwitchCon takes place September 30th – October 2nd at the San Diego Convention Center.
In the first in the series of SCUF's Affiliates Of The Week, we’re looking at OpTic Gaming’s Ian ‘Crimsix’ Porter – Call of Duty’s highest achieving player ever. With 29 Major event titles to his name, including a world title, few will ever achieve what Crimsix has achieved.

Living Esports-Crimsix


Crimsix called time on a short but relatively successful Halo career – where he shared a team with the likes of Lethul, Naded, Legit, Strongside and more – to link up with the compLexity Call of Duty team.

Crimsix needed little time to adjust to the scene and after winning one of the biggest online CoD tournaments in history, helped his team to 2nd place at his first offline tournament. A stellar 4th place finish at Call of Duty Championships 2013 went somewhat under the radar but a team change to acquire Clayster really put Crimsix and compLexity on the map.

Together with his new team, Crimsix and compLexity formed arguably Call of Duty’s greatest ever quartet, winning countless titles including the coveted Call of Duty Championship in 2014.


Current Team

Crimsix, together with compLexity and later Evil Geniuses, enjoyed sustained success at the top of the Call of Duty scene. Yet, after years on top it was time for a shift in gears. EG went out on a high note by winning the ESWC title, but change was in the air.

A series of high profile roster shuffles saw Crimsix join OpTic Gaming. After a successful start to life in Call of Duty’s most popular franchise, further roster changes saw the assembly of the OpTic Gaming team as it's currently known: Crimsix, Scump, Formal, and Karma.

Together, the OpTic Gaming team boast three Call of Duty Championship rings and the most Major event titles wins of any CoD organization.

Their target for this year: Finally land an elusive Call of Duty Championship for OpTic Gaming. Another year of excellence is expected, but it’s the biggest prize of all that the team will have their eye on.


Career Highlight

As the game’s most accomplished player ever, Crimsix’s career is nothing but a highlight reel. Yet the accolade he’s only managed to scoop once is the Call of Duty Championship. In two consecutive years of OpTic Gaming dominance, the scene’s biggest prize has eluded Crimsix and his colleagues.

Talking about only winning one Call of Duty Championship is a mark of the career that Crimsix has so far enjoyed. The 2014 winning team were nothing short of worthy champions, and their lifting of the title was the culmination of over a year of redefining quality in Call of Duty.



As a player, Crimsix isn’t one for heavy trash talk, being overly outspoken, or being the most flashy.

His approach to the game is highly methodical, almost robot-like. His unflappable, unnerved, and sometimes untouchable gameplay has earned him the nickname ‘Crimbot’: a tag that Crimsix wears like a badge of honor.

Crimsix isn’t one to shy away from a clutch situation either, and over the years has held steely nerves while bagging his team's most important rounds on their way to picking up major titles.

Most recently, Crimsix helped OpTic to their third successive ESWC title; his fifth in Paris.


Public Persona

Few can argue with Crimsix’s record as a player during his time with compLexity. 

Yet there was almost a feeling that Crimsix wasn’t getting the attention and stardom his accomplishments deserved. Whether it was their overwhelming dominance or the combination of players in the team, there was something about compLexity that the fans didn’t fully grasp.

His transfer to OpTic Gaming changed all of that. Finally, a supporting fan base came along with the titles. Crimsix further connected with the enormous OpTic fan base through regular YouTube videos, gaining over 500,000 subscribers to date.

His content ranges from Call of Duty gameplays to cooking challenges with his girlfriend.

For even more insights into the legendary Crimsix, check out SCUF's Living Esports video on his life, his style, and his devotion to the game.

"The Taken King" the newest expansion for Destiny, a first person shooter, has arrived to much praise from fans and newcomers alike. As avid year 1 Guardians, we at SCUF wanted to give our recommendations for the new subclasses and how we use our SCUF Controllers to defeat the enemies of the light.

This week we'll be focusing on the new Titan subclass, the "Sunbreaker":

The Sunbreakers’ roles revolve around their new super, the "Hammer of Sol" during which your Titan summons a flaming hammer that causes devastating damage to anyone or anything it hits; you can also create Sunspots which buff your damage and survivability.

Our particular play-style for PVE revolves around the perk "Simmering Flames" which causes your grenade and melee to recharge twice as fast when your super energy is full, and then stacking as much of the Intellect stat as we can find. This allows you to toss many more grenades - our favorite being the Thermite Grenade, which is very helpful for downing PVE enemies.


For our Titans, we like to use the 4 paddle SCUF Controller design with the following configuration (from left to right): ABYX for SCUF Infinity1 or X/Square for SCUF 4PS. Movement is key in Destiny and having the ability to jump and aim, or jump and escape, is a crucial skill you'll never want to be without. The added bonus of a quick reload is also especially helpful so you'll never be caught unprepared.

Our entry in to the crucible focuses on the new Sunspots and damaging enemies with your newfound fire abilities. The "Thermal Vent" and "Fire Keeper" perks give you both extra damage to close range enemies and additional survivability with an over shield so long as you stand in your Sunspots.

destiny controller configuration for pvp

Our configuration is slightly changed for PVP play, we prefer an AXBY paddle configuration for SCUF Infinity1 or X/Triangle for SCUF 4PS with our controllers. This allows quick weapon swapping while you evade or approach in case you are facing down opposition with an empty magazine.

Do you play your Sunbreaker differently? How do you play Destiny? What SCUF configurations do you use?

Join in the discussion on Twitter with #SCUFDestiny
SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. — June 3, 2016 — Evil Geniuses (EG), a world-leading pro gaming team and new media agency, is pleased to announce its partnership with Scuf Gaming (SCUF), the inventors of paddles, hair triggers and global leader of professional customized gaming controllers.

"SCUF has been incredible to work with for as long as I can remember, you can tell they really care about their product and want to create the best gaming experience," says Eric "Snip3down" Wrona. My old controller settings didn't allow me to jump or even sprint without taking my right thumb off the joystick, causing me to lose aim for a short time. With the added functionality on a SCUF controller, I was able to keep my controller settings the same and use the paddles to remove that issue, giving me more control and a better shot. I am very excited to have SCUF as the official partner of Evil Geniuses."

In a game where reaction time is essential to a team’s success, having the right equipment is paramount. SCUF controllers offer increased functionality needed to play video games like Halo at the highest level so EG is delighted to be working with SCUF. To celebrate this announcement, Scuf Gaming is offering a five (5) percent discount code off all products on their website, which can be redeemed by entering the code “EG” at checkout on

Duncan Ironmonger, CEO & Founder Scuf Gaming, “EG are a huge contributor to the tremendous growth and success of eSports and with their commitment to competitive Gaming, it seemed a perfect time to concrete our partnership as the Controller Partner for Console and PC. We are delighted to add them to #TeamSCUF.

In the near future, SCUF will be releasing a custom EG controller for Xbox One & PC. Be sure to follow EG (Facebook, Twitter) and Scuf Gaming (Facebook, Twitter) for the latest updates.

Scuf Gaming Evil Geniuses pro gaming partnershiop

About Evil Geniuses
Founded in 1999, Evil Geniuses is the world’s best video game team. With championships from every major tournament circuit, the players featured on EG are the most storied and influential pro gamers within the e-sports industry. Monster Energy, T-Mobile, and Papa Johns are just a few of the many consumer brands who’ve aligned with the pro players and teams on Evil Geniuses in order to connect with the gamer demographic around the globe.

About Scuf Gaming
Scuf Gaming® is a Global Leader and Innovator in eSports, providing Tactical Gear for Elite Gamers where more than 90% of the world’s top professional gamers in shooters use a SCUF. Selling high-end accessories and customized gaming controllers for PC and Console, SCUF offers a number of functional and design features custom built to increase hand use and improve gameplay. Built to specification, SCUF controllers cater to professional and hardcore gamers who are looking for that edge and recognize that one size does not fit all. The primary focus for SCUF controllers are the functional features, which go toward improving your game, allowing you to reduce latency and use more of your hand in a safe and ergonomic way. The SCUF controller has features, which are covered by 21 granted patents, and another 39 pending; protecting 3 key areas of a controller; back control functions and handles, trigger control mechanisms and thumbstick control area. Scuf Gaming is the official controller partner of major gaming leagues, CWL, MLG, ESL, Gfinity, EGL and UMG. With operations and production in North America and Europe, Scuf Gaming also provides a variety of accessories and apparel specifically designed for Elite Gamers.
PAX West is one of the biggest and most popular conventions in the world, and Scuf Gaming was in Seattle to take part in the huge weekend of fun, spectacle, and video gaming excitement. With a sold out crowd and some legendary attendees, it was the perfect opportunity to share the SCUF experience at PAX.

The new and improved SCUF Booth made its premiere with a streaming booth where guests of honor like Ms 5000 Watts, TheMavShow, TripleWreck, RealKraftyy, Luminosity, and Charionna could entertain crowds of fans both online and in person! These guests were also available to sign autographs and share some tips and tricks with the audience.


The SCUF Booth was also equipped with gaming stations for anyone interested in testing out SCUF's custom controllers themselves! Set up to play Call of Duty and Destiny, there was no better chance for anyone to see for themselves exactly why Scuf Gaming is the controller of choice for over 90% of all pro gamers. It was amazing to see gamers from all over the country sit down and test these competitive controllers, whether they were fans of PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or PC. And when they had tested the innovation of SCUF's technology for themselves, they could purchase a SCUF IMPACT or SCUF Infinity4PS PRO at a special price available only to PAX attendees.


PAX West 2017 was another incredible example of the gaming community getting together to celebrate the best that video games have to offer, and Scuf Gaming, as always, was psyched to be a part of it. Between seeing some incredible new games, meeting new members of TeamSCUF, and teaching crowds of people about our competitive controllers, there's nothing left to do but get excited about PAX West 2018!


131 Granted & Pending Patents Complement Almost a Decade of Gaming Innovation

ATLANTA, June 7, 2019 — Scuf Gaming®, innovator and creator of high-performance gaming controllers, through its patent subsidiary Ironburg Inventions, has expanded its global patent footprint with additional patents in Europe.

With 77 granted patents and 54 pending patent applications, Scuf Gaming expands its global coverage for Back Control Functions, Trigger Control System, Thumbstick Control Area and side-mounted configurable Sax™ buttons (S1 and S2). Scuf Gaming is well-known for creating the category of performance controllers, designing and manufacturing its own controllers as well as licensing its IP to several companies, including Microsoft for the creation of the Xbox Elite Wireless controller.

“Patents take an extremely long time to be granted, sometimes as long as 5 years, so it is gratifying to see the recent acceleration of granted applications to protect our innovations,” said Duncan Ironmonger, CEO and co-founder of Scuf Gaming. “As a young innovative company, our IP is a core differentiator that allows us to protect our investment and continue to push the boundaries of the next generation of gaming controllers.”

SCUF’s patented innovations have benefitted hundreds of thousands of gamers, professional and casual, improving performance, comfort, and customization by enabling users to use more of their hands in a safe and ergonomic way. SCUF features have now become required functionality for esports professionals and competitive gamers.

About Scuf Gaming

Scuf Gaming®, innovator and creator of high-performance gaming controllers, provides superior accessories and customized gaming controllers for console and PC that are used by top professional gamers as well as casual gamers. Built to specification, SCUF controllers offer a number of functional and design features custom built to increase hand use and improve gameplay. SCUF controller features are covered by 77 granted patents, and another 54 pending applications, focusing on four key areas of a controller: the back control functions and handles, the trigger control mechanisms, the thumbstick control area and the side-mounted configurable SaxTM button placements.

For additional information about Scuf Gaming, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, or Snapchat.
We’re prepping for CoD XP by asking the pros a series of questions. Get to know your favorite Pro Player just a little bit more with our Player Profile Mini Series. Today, we’re featuring Joshh from Splyce:

Real Name: Joshua-Lee Sheppard

Gamer Tag: BsportJoshh

Current Team: Splyce

Hometown: Birmingham

How long have you been gaming? 6+ years

If you could be any video game character who would you be? CJ from GTA

What’s your favorite childhood game? Simpsons Hit and Run

What’s the last TV show that you binge watched? Prison Break

What is your Guilty Pleasure? No comment

Who is your Celebrity Crush? Selena Gomez

Favorite Comfort Food? Chippy, Kebab

What’s one of your biggest pet peeves? People eating down the mic

Do you have any weird phobias? Not that I can think of

Do you have any weird habits? I mean, not going to sleep til 7am+

Fun Fact? I’m known as ‘Bsport’Joshh because Bsport was my first ever team and where I made my name, so it’s always stuck.