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UMG Dallas showcased some great gameplay from teams of all levels, but no one could have anticipated the amazing performance from Denial eSports. Opening the day with a 3-0 on team Vanquish, and then another 3-0 against the then-undefeated EnVyUs. The winners’ finals saw Denial taking on EnVy again, who had just defeated OpTic Nation in the losers’ bracket. Denial only had to win a best of 5 to take the tournament, while EnVy had to win 2 series. Denial didn’t give them that chance as they went to sweep the series 3-0 once again, beginning with a 60+ point spread in the first Domination game. Congrats to Denial for their outstanding performance!

Among the top 5 stood three of #TeamSCUF teams; Team EnVyUs, OpTic Nation, and OpTic Gaming in order of placement. EnVy once again played very well and really pushed their hardest, only losing to Denial the entire tournament. In what must have ultimately been a bittersweet moment for owner of both Team OpTic and OpTic Nation, OpTic H3CZ watched his two teams compete for the 3rd place finish with OpTic Nation ultimately taking the victory.

Scuf Gaming is very proud of its #TeamSCUF Pro Teams and wishes them the best of luck in the coming PAX Prime tournament this weekend! We appreciate all of our fans who came to our booth to see the Custom SCUF Controllers and support #TeamSCUF!

Want to play like your favorite Pro Teams? Make sure to check out the custom EnVyUs SCUF One Controller HERE, and the custom OpTic SCUF One Controller HERE. Find the entire roster of Pro Team Controllers HERE.

Over 140 Granted & Pending Patents Covering Gaming Controller Innovation

ATLANTA, July 18, 2019 — Scuf Gaming®, innovator and creator of high-performance gaming controllers, through its patent affiliate Ironburg Inventions, has expanded its international global patent portfolio with an additional 14 granted patents in Europe. These additional patents bring the total number granted to 91 worldwide, and an additional 55 pending patent applications.

Scuf Gaming’s latest patents expand international protection of its trigger stop features that have effectively become required functionality for esports professionals and competitive gamers. The patents also cover newer innovations in the thumbstick area that enable greater customization for user preference and playstyle. With these new patents, Scuf Gaming now has 42 granted European patents, covering its innovation in the gaming controller market across the continent.

“Since creating the market category for performance controllers in 2011, our patented innovations have improved the performance of hundreds of thousands of gamers worldwide,” said Duncan Ironmonger, CEO and Co-Founder of Scuf Gaming. “SCUF features have become the standard for competitive gameplay. Players demand this functionality in their controller. That’s why our innovation has been licensed by numerous companies, growing this market and bringing performance controllers to a larger segment of gamers.”

SCUF’s patented innovations have benefitted hundreds of thousands of gamers, professional and casual, improving performance, comfort, and customization by enabling users to use more of their hands in a safe and ergonomic way. SCUF features have now become required functionality for esports professionals and competitive gamers.

About Scuf Gaming

Scuf Gaming®, innovator and creator of high-performance gaming controllers, provides superior accessories and customized gaming controllers for console and PC that are used by top professional gamers as well as casual gamers. Built to specification, SCUF controllers offer a number of functional and design features custom built to increase hand use and improve gameplay. SCUF controller features are covered by 91 granted patents, and another 55 pending applications, focusing on four key areas of a controller: the back control functions and handles, the trigger control mechanisms, the thumbstick control area and the side-mounted configurable SaxTM button placements.

For additional information about Scuf Gaming, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitch, or Snapchat.
Scuf Gaming announces opening of in France & partnership with Gotaga


May 10th 2014 – Global market leader of Professional Gaming Controllers, Scuf Gaming, launches a French Website to further demonstrate their commitment to the eSports community in France. Since creating a market segment for Professional Controllers, through the invention of back paddles and adjustable hair trigger/ trigger stop functionality in 2010, SCUF remains the dominant Professional Controller Company. An estimated 85% of Top gamers use SCUF for shooters and their dominant position is down to the quality of build and innovative features.


Duncan Ironmonger, CEO & Co-Founder Scuf Gaming; “The French eSports community is one of the top gaming communities in the World and one we have supported through sponsored players, organizations and events for a number of years. Last year we made a commitment to further invest in the local community by opening a French twitter account @ScufFrance  It only seemed right that we have a local presence given we invented the SCUF paddles, trigger functions and other key features that enable gamers to use more of their hand in a safe and ergonomic way. Today is that day - we are extremely proud to launch our French website to fully support the local community in their native language. We love the French community & competition, and the Country has some of the biggest and most passionate gamers in the world.”


Since inception, Scuf Gaming has been very committed to support the best players around the world, supporting teams like OpTic Gaming, EnVy, Complexity, Epsilon & TCM to mention just a few. SCUF have also had a big impact on growing the eSports World by supporting and partnering with key Gaming leagues like MLG, Gfinity, UMG, EGL, Skylan, Reflex. It appeared natural to not only launch a French website but also to support one of the best and most successful French players and a true icon “Gotaga” also known as “The French monster”.


Gotaga says "I decided after some reflexion to partner with Scuf Gaming. We've been in talks for a while and I’m glad to now represent the brand and be one of their ambassadors. The quality of the products, especially with the SCUF ONE, and their second to none investment in eSports have been the factors for me in this important decision. I've always wanted to work with brands that corresponds me and today that's the case with Scuf Gaming which is the best professional controller company in the world and it's a perfect timing as they open a french website"


Jonas Ferry, Head of Scuf Gaming in France : “It’s been a year since we have started to share SCUF values’ in France. We are thrilled to move one step forward in our support of the French community by allowing our French customers to order & get support in French. Gotaga’s return to #TeamSCUF is testimony to our superior quality and continual innovation. He needed to use the best equipment in his expectations to achieve in Europe & worldwide. We are delighted to have him choose Scuf Gaming!”.


About Scuf Gaming :


Scuf Gaming is the manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer, and restorer of custom video game equipment and accessories. A company focused on providing “tactical gear for elite gamers,” SCUF entered the market three years ago with the SCUF controller. Along with patented back paddles, Scuf Gaming controllers also feature adjustable hair triggers, trigger stops, military grade SCUF grip and optional domed or concave SCUF sticks. SCUF controllers are legally approved for use at most major competitions to include MLG, EGL, WGL, SkyLAN, Gfinity, Reflex, UMG, ESL, etc. Scuf Gaming also sell a variety of accessories and apparel specifically designed for Elite Gamers.
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Gamer Grip is a non-slip, antiperspirant formula designed to improve your hold on your controller. Providing an excellent enhancement to your grip for a competitive edge over your opponents, Gamer Grip ensures that nerves and adrenaline won’t get in your way. Sweaty palms are a thing of the past; just one pea sized blob of Gamer Grip is all you need.

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We’re prepping for CoD XP by asking the pros a series of questions. Get to know your favorite Pro Player just a little bit more with our Player Profile Mini Series. Today, we’re featuring Reedy from Epsilon eSports!

Real Name: Matthew Piper
Gamer Tag: FormaL
Current Team: OpTic Gaming
Hometown: Orange County, CA
How long you have been gaming?: 14 years casually, 6 years professionally
If you could be any video game character who would you be?: Sonic the Hedgehog
Favorite childhood game?: Pokemon
What’s the last TV show that you binge watched?: Vampire Diaries (lol)
What is your Guilty Pleasure?: Reese's Sticks
Who is your Celebrity Crush?: @LISSAYEEE
Favorite Comfort Food?: Mac n Cheese
What’s one of your biggest pet peeves? Immature gamers
Do you have any weird phobias? Spiders
Do you have any weird habits? No weird habits
Fun Fact? There's nothing fun about me.
Atlanta, GA – February 6th, 2017 – Scuf Gaming® (“SCUF”), global leader and innovator in esports, providing tactical gear for elite gamers and gaming enthusiasts, announced today that it has received strategic investment from H.I.G. Growth Partners ("H.I.G."), the dedicated growth capital investment affiliate of H.I.G. Capital.

HIG growth logoSince its founding in 2011, SCUF has created the high-performance, customized console controller category, while also increasing hand-use and improving controller ergonomics. SCUF has brought numerous innovations to the gaming and esports market that meaningfully enhance performance. The Company’s controllers are best-in-class, and 90% of professional gamers use SCUF products in major esports tournaments, which has helped the Company build a tremendous social following.

John Kim, a Managing Director with H.I.G. Growth Partners, commented, “SCUF is the market leader in advanced feature gaming controllers with an unmatched intellectual property portfolio. We are excited to partner with Duncan and the entire SCUF team to continue the Company’s strong, profitable growth trajectory, further develop the SCUF brand, and introduce SCUF’s products to an even greater audience of consumers.”

Founder and CEO, Duncan Ironmonger said, “We are very excited about this partnership with H.I.G. and the shared vision we have for the next stage of SCUF’s growth. H.I.G.’s investment will provide us the capital and strategic resources necessary to continue to grow our distribution presence, product assortment and the SCUF brand.”

About H.I.G. Growth Partners
H.I.G. Growth Partners is the dedicated growth capital investment affiliate of H.I.G. Capital, a leading global private equity investment firm with $21 billion of equity capital under management. We seek to make both majority and minority investments in strong, growth oriented businesses located throughout North America, South America and Europe. We will invest $5 million to $30 million in equity in a given company and target investments in profitable growth oriented businesses with between $10 million and $100 million in revenues. We consider investments across all industries, but focus on certain high-growth sectors where H.I.G. has extensive in-house expertise such as technology, healthcare, internet and media, consumer products and technology-enabled financial and business services. H.I.G. Growth Partners strives to work closely with our management teams to serve as an experienced resource, providing broad-based strategic, operational, recruiting and financial management services from a vast in-house team and a substantial network of third-party relationships. For more information, please refer to the H.I.G. website at

About Scuf Gaming
Scuf Gaming® is a global leader and innovator in esports, providing tactical gear for elite gamers and gaming enthusiasts. Selling high-end accessories and customized gaming controllers for PC and Console, SCUF offers a number of functional and design features custom built to increase hand use and improve gameplay. Built to specification, SCUF controllers cater to professional and enthusiast gamers who are looking for that edge and recognize that one size does not fit all. The primary focus for SCUF controllers are the functional features, which go toward improving your game, allowing you to reduce latency and use more of your hand in a safe and ergonomic way. The SCUF controller has features, which are covered by utility and design patents protecting 3 key areas of a controller: back control functions and handles, trigger control mechanisms and thumbstick control area. SCUF is the official controller partner of major gaming leagues, CWL, MLG, ESL, Gfinity, EGL and UMG.
The Race To Prestige has drawn to a close, and Team SCUF has been celebrating all week with a look back at the Races of the past.

If The Race To Prestige had become a hit with viewers by 2014, nothing would compare to the attention it garnered in 2015. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 had just released, and gamers the world over salivated with the anticipation of more boots-on-the-ground action. And with the new installment came a new team,: the aptly named “TheRace2015”. And while the team was made up of more than a few familiar faces (TmarTn, iiJERiiCHOii, Hutch, VernNotice, and GoldGlove), there was definitely a new atmosphere to the Race. Production values were a little higher, and the word had spread further than it ever had before, but that didn’t mean that the gents of “TheRace2015” were about to rest on their laurels.

Throughout the usual mayhem and excitement, it became quickly clear that something was different with this race. As the amount of donations grew and grew, “TheRace2015” could clearly see that they were on the way to an especially huge win for the Call of Duty Endowment, whether they completed the Prestige challenge or not….

[video width="1280" height="720" mp4=""][/video]

Ultimately, the 2015 Race to Prestige would bring in over $450,000 in donations: a colossal amount that dwarfed every year up to that point.

Now, with the torch passed to OpTic Gaming, the questions remain: will The Race To Prestige be able to amass the same blistering viewership and sense of charity? Team SCUF is feeling confident. Because there’s only one thing better than playing a bunch of games with your friends: doing it for a good cause.

The world of eSports has been working hard for the week of June 13-19, with multiple games going through the motions of their respective leagues, some tournament play and little bit of news. So here is your rundown of all the action.

Call of Duty: Black Ops III
On day one, the Call of Duty World League took a different turn than usual as several teams played twice to make up games missed a few weeks ago. In addition, all but one European match was postponed due to travel issues relating to MLG Anaheim.

Day two had similar problems, but this time in North America, with teams such as OpTic Gaming and Dream Team having to forfeit their matches vs. compLexity Gaming due to traveling issues. With only three weeks remaining, every win is crucial to help the teams secure their spot in the top eight.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
Tons went down in the CS:GO world, with the continuation of the ELEAGUE, as well as DreamHack ZOWIE Open Summer.

Group D of Turner’s and WME|IMG’s ELEAGUE would have Fnatic, FaZe Clan, Team SoloMid and Team Dignitas face against each other. TSM had a strong showing, even though they only managed to pick up one map the entire week. However, this map was against the recently returned Olof "olofmeister" Kajbjer and his squad, Fnatic, during their day three matchup.

Over at the DreamHack tournament, Ninjas in Pyjamas, Astralis and the newly acquired Immortals took to the stage to battle for the biggest piece of $100,000. After a shocking upset at the Major Qualifier where Immortals were knocked out by FlipSid3 Tactics, Immortals bounced back in insane fashion, taking down GODSENT 2-1 in the semifinals and NiP 2-0 in the finals, winning the event.

One team that had a highlight performance was Epsilon in the matchup against NiP. They narrowly lost two games 16-13 and 16-14 against their fellow Swedes and this was the first time we have properly had a chance to see this roster have a good showing against the tier one teams.

In terms of news, we saw a whole host of roster moves over in North America. Counter Logic Gaming and Team Liquid traded their primary AWPers, meaning that CLG now has Kenneth "koosta" Suen and Liquid have Josh "jdm64" Marzano. Following this announcement, it was revealed that Jacob "Pimp" Winneche from SK Gaming would also be joining Liquid, completing their roster.

That does it for this week, what do you think of all the news? Let us know in comments below.