Never Settle for Default  We take the already impressive features of the DualSense controller, redesign them from the ground up for performance, and add new features to improve the gaming experience for both casual and competitive gamers. The SCUF PS5 controller features ergonomic contours for maximum comfort, whether you’re playing for an hour or a hundred. In addition, texturized and rubber grips provide high-performance handling you can rely on during the most intense matches. Slide 1 out of %2

What happens when you bring SCUF's award-winning performance controllers to the newest generation of consoles? You get our new PlayStation 5 controller, customizable and better than ever.

Featuring our familiar faceplate designs, swappable thumbsticks, four paddles, and high-performance grip loved by esports athletes and content creators around the world, SCUF gives you the competitive edge to win more games.

The Reflex Difference

If you want to get more out of your console, elevate your entertainment experience with your own custom PS5 controller from SCUF.

SCUF’s PlayStation 5 controllers are unlike any other aftermarket gaming products you’ll find out there. We don’t just tack on a couple of extra buttons and triggers to a market-standard PS5 controller. Instead, we’ve developed a truly unique set of PS5 pro controllers that feature the latest innovations and patented software.

When designing the Reflex, Reflex Pro, and Reflex FPS, the three devices that make up our flagship PS5 controller line, we completely reimagined the PlayStation wireless controller. The Reflex Pro is a PS5 controller with paddles that do more. In addition to being remappable, those PS5 controller paddles feature best-in-class ergonomics and can be adapted to match your gaming style. The Reflex Pro also boasts trigger-control mechanisms, side-mounted buttons, and other patented elements that provide the best gaming experience possible.

Speaking of patents, SCUF has racked up more than 100 of them since we began developing our custom controllers over ten years ago. We also currently have over 50 patents pending, which signifies our commitment to pushing the envelope in the PS5 paddle controller space.

SCUF has established itself as the premier provider of high-quality PS5 controllers by providing the following:

Unparalleled Customization

Whether you enjoy running yards out on the gridiron, building a legendary team from the ground up, or battling it out with players across the globe, you need a controller that’s as unique as your gaming style. When you order a SCUF PS5 controller, you get to customize it from top to bottom. From selecting your color to choosing your trigger and button layout, nothing compares to a customized SCUF controller.

Improve Your Performance

SCUF’s PS5 controllers not only let you customize just about everything, but they provide performance unlike anything else on the market. Our custom PS5 controllers outpace the competitors in terms of responsiveness, comfort, reliability, and functionality, all while showing off your personal style with bold colors, unique designs, and personalized layouts.

The Leader in Gaming Innovation

Our PS5 controllers are indeed world-class, but SCUF is not a company that stops innovating simply because we’ve reached the best. Instead, we are always pushing the limits of what's possible and chasing that next great feature or upgrade. We want to give you the very best, which is why we prioritize innovation and performance above all else.

Carefully Engineered Ergonomics

Every avid gamer is all too familiar with “the grind.” You find a game you love and devote hours to it so that you can rack up XP or unlock valuable items for your next venture. No matter what fuels your gaming marathons, nothing can derail your efforts quite like a surprise hand cramp, which can ruin your hot streak and cost you a much-needed Win.