SCUF currently offers two custom Xbox controllers, expertly designed to give you everything you love about SCUF — paddles, multiple trigger options, and customization — while enhancing your play experience beyond any other Xbox wireless controller. The SCUF Instinct is not only a top in class Xbox controller, but with the ability to plug and play directly into your gaming PC it’s also the best Xbox controller for PC.

Never Settle for Default The standard Xbox controllers have been improved upon with SCUF’s innovations. Featuring improved, high-performance grip, ergonomic upgrades, redesigned thumbsticks, and paddles to keep your performance at its peak. Instinct and Instinct Pro feature embedded paddles for increased durability. The Microsoft Xbox controllers included with your console simply can’t compete with the competitive edge of the SCUF Instinct new Xbox controller. Slide 1 out of %2
The SCUF Difference

If you’re looking for a new Xbox controller to elevate your game, it’s time to experience the SCUF difference for yourself. The goal of every SCUF Xbox controller is to enhance the gaming experience and boost performance with superior engineering, customizable features, and ergonomic designs. With a SCUF Xbox pro controller, you get the best of both worlds — comfortable playing and optimized functionality for every game.

When designing the Instinct and Instinct Pro, we ensured best-in-class ergonomics and adaptability to match any gaming style. Say goodbye to boring, standard controllers and hello to innovative features like customized paddles, back-control functions, trigger-control mechanisms, and side-mounted buttons.

In addition to more than a decade of designing high-performance controllers and over 100 granted patents (with more on the way!), here’s how SCUF Xbox controllers have made a name for themselves across the gaming industry.

Unparalleled Customization

We believe that Xbox controllers shouldn’t be one-size-fits-all — they should be designed for you, by you. That’s why we make it easy for gamers to customize Xbox controllers for their playing style, preferences, and strengths. Our controllers can be tailored to your every need, whether you’re defeating enemies on the battlefield or completing the latest quest in your kingdom.

Improve Your Performance

At SCUF, we mean business, and it shows in our products. The Instinct and Instinct Pro are not your average Xbox controller with paddles — they provide superior performance in every way. These controllers are designed to take your gaming experience to new heights, bringing your scores higher than ever. The Instinct and Instinct Pro Xbox controllers offer unique features like interchangeable thumbsticks and adjustable instant triggers for maximum comfort and performance during prolonged gaming sessions.

Meet Instinct

Our Xbox controllers, Instinct, and Instinct Pro, are the latest generation of custom Xbox controllers tailor-built for the next-gen console. These devices were expertly designed to give you everything you love about SCUF - paddles, adjustable triggers, and customization - while enhancing your play experience beyond any wireless Xbox controller. Every detail that goes into a SCUF is designed to give you the most competitive edge, so you can play at your best every time. And with options for all consoles, you can have a custom Xbox One controller, a custom Xbox Series X controller, and a custom controller that’s compatible with PC.

The Leader in Gaming Innovation

When it comes to choosing the best Xbox wireless controller, the elite SCUF Instinct and Instinct Pro are hard to beat. Our team’s dedication to constant innovation and our own love for gaming has made us an industry-leader. In fact, there was no performance controller category on the market before us — we created the category of performance controllers over ten years ago. Our Xbox controllers are packed with unique features that give players the tools they need to overcome their biggest gaming challenges and reach new levels of success.
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Carefully Engineered Ergonomics

We’ve all been there — that mid-battle hand cramp that ends up costing you the glory of victory. SCUF Xbox controllers ensure maximum comfort the entire time you’re playing with best-in-class ergonomics. Our gear is built to facilitate hand use so you can play at your best for as long as you need. Our industry-leading ergonomics are designed with your comfort and personal style in mind. Customize your controller with bold colors, unique features, and more.