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SCUF Care Package

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– 1x SCUF Protection Case : Protect your SCUF Gaming controller with the SCUF Protection case while you travel. Why risk damage to your controller when you aren’t using it?

– 1x GamerGrip : Introducing Gamer Grip, a non-slip, antiperspirant formula designed to improve your grip on your controller. Gamer Grip provides an excellent enhancement to your grip for a competitive edge over your opponents. A single 2 ounce tube of Gamer Grip may last several months with typical use. Apply the Gamer Grip to your hands before or during extended gaming sessions for an enhanced hold on your controller, minimizing loss of control caused by perspiration.

– 1x SCUF Keychain : The SCUF Keychains are an excellent and useful addition to the lineup of SCUF Gaming products. Great for your keys or as an impromptu wristband, these keychains are available in a green and black color scheme for Xbox, and a blue and black color scheme for PS3.

– 1x SCUF Key

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