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The Curse Is Over!

After five days of blistering action and stunning gameplay, OpTic Gaming finally took home their first Call of Duty World Championship! After defeating 2016 Champions EnVyUs in two best of five series, OpTic now has essentially every award under their collective belts, including Karma's unprecedented 3 rings.

Karma_Three_Rings_CoD_Champs Formal_CoD_Champs_2017_MVP
The action on the stage was hard to take your eyes off of, but the excitement didn't stop there. The SCUF Booth was alive with signings, new controllers, and giveaways throughout the week.

The SCUF MLG 2.0 Controller

The SCUF MLG 2.0 was also released last week. Celebrating Major League Gaming and everything that it's done to increase the viewership and popularity of esports, the MLG 2.0 sports the stylish red, white, and blue of the pro gaming organization that shares its name, complete with their logo prominently displayed on the left handle. Available for Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC, this is a must have item for esports fans of every stripe.


Time At The Signing Booth

The SCUF signing booth was on fire with the greatest players of all time signing controllers, jerseys, and just about everything else! Their fans truly matter, and every team that came to the table made sure to let them know it.

Teams like OpTic, FaZe, eUnited, and Splyce all made appearances at the signing booth, taking photos and making quality memories for the fans.

EnVyUs_SCUF_Signing_Booth_CoD_Champs Clayster_eUnited_Signing_Booth_CoD_Champs Crimsix_Optic_Signing_Booth_CoD_Champs

Our Time Is Now

In addition to spending time with the pros, fans got a chance to have their pictures taken at the Our Time Is Now booth. There they posed with brand new SCUF designs and took on the look of some of esports greatest players during the Our Time Is Now campaign.

Overall, the 2017 Call of Duty Championships was one for the history books! Now, with CoD: WW2 on its way, TeamSCUF is expecting a whole new year of excitement, tense plays, and incredible gaming.

CoD_Champs_2017 CoD_Champs_2017 CoD_Champs_2017 CoD_Champs_2017 CoD_Champs_2017 CoD_Champs_2017 CoD_Champs_2017 CoD_Champs_2017 CoD_Champs_2017 CoD_Champs_2017 CoD_Champs_2017 CoD_Champs_2017  
The Winter Carentan map is coming to Call Of Duty: WWII in three days, and we can’t wait!

When you spend a lot of your time playing the same maps in multiplayer over and over, the idea of learning the layout of a new locale is always some exciting and challenging fun. CoD: WWII’s Winter Siege event is coming on December 8th, along with this new map variant. With Ranked Play so recently introduced, it’s great to see so many new venues to visit on your way to the top of the ladder!

SCUF will be playing in the Winter Siege this weekend, so keep your eyes peeled for our impressions of how it feels to play!

Another day of competition in Anaheim has passed, and that leaves a single Sunday of mayhem in the 2016 MLG Anaheim Call of Duty Championships! #TeamSCUF has been thrilled to see such excitement from so many loyal fans.

We enjoyed seeing all of your #SCUFFIEs taken yesterday at the SCUF booth! Congrats to @zealRICKMA22 for winning the #SCUFFIE SCUF controller giveaway. For all of you watching from home, make sure to enter here for a chance to win a MLG Pro SCUF Infinity 4PS of your very own.

MLG Anaheim SCUF booth
Here's a recap of all the amazing action we saw on Saturday:

The Open:

It started as a good day for Splyce, who advanced to the Championships with a 2-0 win over Lethal Gaming, and a 2-1 win over Cloud9 Eclipse, who made it to Round 5 after a 2-1 victory over Vigor. Primed's 2-0 win over STDx VexX wasn't enough to stop Lethal, who defeated them 2-0 after a 2-0 triumph over Most Wanted. Also heading to the Championships were Infused, who stopped Kingdom eSport's winning streak 2-0. And finally, Millenium made it to the Championships with a 2-1 win over Pnda Gaming.

MLG Anaheim Luminosity Studyy Scuf Gaming

Pool Play:

OpTic Gaming and Cloud9 dominated Group A of the Pool with 3-0 and 2-1 records, respectively, while Group B saw European-based team Infused take home a 3-0 record, with Rise Nation following close behind at 2-1. Group C saw a clash of heavy hitters, with Team eLevate coming through with the 3-0 win, ahead of the 2-1 record of Luminosity Gaming. Group D finished with a 3-0 victory for Team EnVyUs and a 2-1 for Splyce.

MLG Anaheim Crimsix Optic Scuf Gaming

The Championship

All the excitement of the weekend began to culminate in Saturday's first round of the Championship. The two European representatives squared off, with Splyce losing to Infused 3-1. eLevate saw a 3-1 victory over Cloud9, while Rise Nation squeaked past EnVyUs with a 3-2 victory. Finally, OpTic Gaming finished up the night with a well-earned victory over Luminosity.

It all comes down to today: the cheers, the bragging rights, and the $100K in prize money! And #TeamSCUF is going to be there! Are you in Anaheim? Be sure that you drop by and give the SCUF Booth a visit!
Over the years, it’s been impossible to avoid falling in love with the characters that we meet in every Call of Duty single-player campaign, and thanks to four videos released today, it’s obvious that CoD: WWII won’t be any different.Call of Duty’s official YouTube channel released four short videos today. They’re entitled “Meet The Squad”, and each one of them focuses on a different American soldier that will help tell the story of November’s highly-anticipated World War II epic.

Each of the characters looks terrific, from the inspiring leader we see in Lieutenant Joseph Turner, to the grizzled veteran Sergeant William Pierson. But if we had to choose a favorite, it would have to be the young heroics of Private Robert Zussman and the spirit of the game’s protagonist: Private Red Daniels. Each of these characters looks great: we can’t wait to get our hands on them in November.

Return To SCUF CoD HQ

These past two weeks (April 4 ­ April 17) in the world of Call of Duty brought fans the Crown Melbourne Invitational 2016​and a handful of roster changes for Call of Duty®: Black Ops III.

Six teams battled it out in this single elimination, best­of­seven series tournament held in Melbourne, Australia. Quarterfinal action began on Saturday (April 9) as Plantronics Tainted Minds defeated The Chiefs eSports Club 4­3, and Mindfreak swept Team Orbit ANZ 4­0.

Moving on to the semi­finals, OpTic Gaming began their tournament run down under with a 4­0 win over Tainted Minds, while Millenium took down Mindfreak 4­0. This set up the Grand Final match up that everyone was expecting: OpTic vs. Millenium.

OpTic jumped out to the early 1­0 series lead with a 250­223 win on Breach Hardpoint, but Millenium responded right away with a 6­1 win on Stronghold Search and Destroy to even the series at 1­1. From there, it was all OpTic as they were able to win 8­3 on Infection Uplink, 1­0 on Evac Capture the Flag and 6­2 on Breach Search and Destroy to close out the series 4­1.

After this weekend where OpTic was crowned the champions yet again, a few roster changes took place as teams are preparing for Stage 2 of the CWL. First, Chris “Parasite” Duarte was released from compLexity Gaming and has been replaced by Jevon “Goonjar” Gooljar­lim for Stage 2. Also, Team EnVyUs announced their new Call of Duty roster by dropping Patrick “ACHES” Price and Tyler “TeePee” Polchow for Johnathan “John” Perez and Bryan “Apathy” Zhelyazkov. Dream Team also announced that they have released both Steven “Diabolic” Rivero and Troy “Sender” Michaels, and will be looking for two new players before the start of Stage 2.

Optic Gaming_CWL

Congratulations once again to OpTic Gaming on winning another championship at the Crown Melbourne Invitational 2016, and good luck to all the teams competing and preparing for the start of Stage 2 of the CWL this week (Tuesday, April 19).

Check back next week for another look at the week of Call of Duty action in review.
The 2017 Hi-Rez Expo is here! This weekend, fans of the SMITE and Paladins franchises can look forward to the best of the best battling it out in heavenly battlegrounds, and Scuf Gaming is proud to be there!


The event has only just begun, but already we’re feeling the excitement as teams like Soar, Luminosity, and Allegiance begin their ascent into the highest ranks of one of the world’s most popular MOBAs. For a full look at who’s playing today, take a look at the schedule or jump right into the action on Twitch.

Coming to Atlanta for the event? Be sure to visit the Scuf Gaming booth! We’ll be there with some of our favorite controllers in stock, including our exclusive SCUF SMITE Infinity Series. Throughout the weekend, some of your favorite players will be visiting to sign posters and merch, as well, so be on the lookout! Also be sure to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for updates! 

It’s going to be a good weekend in Atlanta, and we hope to see you there!

Scuf Gaming is proud to introduce the SCUF Italy social pages on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. These pages will join the SCUF Global and French social pages and we are so excited to welcome Italia to #TeamSCUF!

Follow those pages for upcoming Italian region SCUF announcements, well as Italian eSports news!




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