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SCUF Call of Duty HQ

Check in with us here to find out what's happening in the front lines and equip yourself with game guides, SCUF affiliate tips and tricks, and COD news. Gear up and triumph with the right tools, skills, and no small amount of guts.

Use your SCUF for Advanced Moves

It's not enough to have the best weapon: you need to know how to use it. SCUF's Game Guide is your go-to source for intel on the best tips, tricks, and configurations for your SCUF custom controller.

Playstation Paddle guide
Xbox Paddle guide
COD WWII Bundle Care Package

The SCUF BOTG Bundle

It's time to get your boots on the ground, soldier, and SCUF has just the tools you need for the job. This limited edition bundle includes a fully-equipped SCUF controller available in two designs (Army Green or Camo) for SCUF IMPACT, Infinity 4PS PRO, or Infinity1, along with all the accessories you'll need to get back to the trenches right out of the box. The bundle also comes with a limited edition shirt, hat, and much more!

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Attention Gamers: Get Ready!

The TeamSCUF Reserve is an elite fighting force dedicated to getting their boots back on the ground. Are you ready to join the fight? Gear up, and get ready to join us back in the trenches.

For PS4 & PC

MLG Impact Controller


SCUF Impact

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What the Pros are Saying

Matt HD

FIFA Youtuber

I really love the SCUF controllers! I use SCUF to help improve my game, whether it be FIFA, CoD or NBA, the SCUF controllers makes me feel more confident at any game I play! It also helps me, as they are more comfortable and easy to use for practice. I would recommend SCUF to anyone and always show them off when my mates are round for FIFA nights!