Apex Legends Play Like the Pros

Best Guns

Apex Legends is a battle royal meets hero shooter with plenty to distinguish it from the multitude of other FPS battle royal games currently on the market. While most shooter games have a strong focus on the weapons themselves and a skill preference that leans towards gunplay, Apex Legends finds itself in a three way balance between gunplay, movement, and abilities. Some of the best guns in Apex Legends are only good in certain scenarios or when used by specific legends in unison with their abilities.

In your average game of Apex you’ll see all sorts of loadouts being used by different players to varying levels of success. Its the players that know how to use their legend’s abilities, positioning, and guns in unison that tend to stand out as the players that come out on top. Taking this further, players that use these tools along with their squadmates can feel unstoppable when they’re working together.

Specific weapons will change in power season to season, but there is a loadout that has stayed popular across multiple seasons for high level ranked play.

The Wingman & Shotgun Combo

The go to weapon loadout for high level ranked play in Apex Legends has been a combination of the Wingman pistol and the Peacekeeper or Mastiff Shotgun. There are quite a few benefits to this loadout that have top players coming back to it season after season. Here are just a few:

  • Low Ammo Requirements - Running a Wingman and shotgun require very little ammo space in your inventory, freeing up space for shields, medkits, and ammo for your teammates.
  • Precision and Punch - The Wingman and shotgun combo make up a one-two punch of precision at medium range and the gut-punch power of a shotgun once you’ve closed in. Paired with good movement mechanics you can crack players open with the Wingman as your squad pushes to swap and knock them down at close range with your Peacekeeper or Mastiff.
  • More Room for Grenades - At the higher levels of play grenades become an incredibly powerful tool for a squad to use during a push. Depending on the grenade type you can damage, disorient, or deny cover to an enemy team. When used in unison by a full squad a less experienced squad is going to fall apart under a sustained grenade bombardment. Every block of inventory not taken up by ammo stacks for your Wingman and shotgun loadout is another grenade for you and your squad to use against an enemy squad. Paired with the right legend abilities and the ground will be shaking at your squads approach.

Every loadout takes practice though, so if these perks seem up your alley be sure to test out the Wingman and shotgun loadout the next time you have the chance in your Apex Legends ranked match, your teammates might just thank you for it.

Remember that every season brings change to Apex, so try out new weapon combos that play to your strengths and play style as a player. Just because a specific gun loadout works for your friends and other players doesn’t mean it will work for you. Try different guns out and focus on your positioning and ability usage to ensure you’re playing Apex to the best of your ability and you’ll be surprised how the wins start to pile up.

Good luck out there. If you want to learn more about the best guns in Apex Legends watch the video above or read the full video transcript below.


“Yo what's going on guys. Welcome back for some more Apex of Legends. Today we're playing some more ranked and I've been playing a lot of ranked recently and i've been learning a lot because it's been a while since i've spent this much time in pred lobbies.

Normally I go through diamond, hit masters, and then we just kind of call it there. You know I don't really grind rank but this season i've been playing a lot more and i've spent a lot of time in pred lobbies and like I said I've been learning a lot.

The game has changed so drastically over the last few seasons and there's one thing that I've learned that is super important that nobody talks about and it's your resources and the loadout that I use is the wingman and a shotgun. And I never really put two and two together but when you're running a wingman and a shotgun it opens up so many slots in your inventory - whereas let's say you're running an R301 and an R99 chances are you're carrying way more stacks of ammo than you would if you were just running a wingman and a shotgun.

Right one stack of shotgun, two maybe three sometimes - I run three stacks of heavy but for the most part you're - you have open slots right, and if your teammates aren't doing the same thing their inventory is gonna be filled with ammo so you can carry extra batteries for yourself and for the team - you can carry extra grenades and we know how strong grenades are.

If you want to go back and watch that beginning clip there's a reason why i put that beginning clip there - the other team were throwing so many nades at us and these - these have so much value man so much value so - uh the wingman and a shotgun is an amazing loadout. Not just because the - the loadout itself is really good but because you're able to carry way more resources and it benefits the entire team which you see in this entire game. 

So uh the game that I'm gonna share with you we absolutely decimated this lobby and i was running the wingman and a shotgun and it was awesome.

Right, I hope you guys enjoyed. Thank you for watching and I'll see you guys on the next one.” - Jankz