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Combining the finesse of soccer with the breakneck speed of auto racing sounds like a simple enough idea, and it is. But Rocket League shows exactly how exhilarating and just plain fun combining the two is!

In this game guide, you’ll learn the best way to customize your SCUF to make you a menace on the pitch!



Paddle Configuration:

With Rocket League’s constant high-speed gameplay, you have to be able to move, turn, and change strategies on a dime. There’s nothing worse than hitting your boost only to have the ball shot away from you.

By mapping face buttons to your SCUF’s paddles, you give yourself the extra flexibility required to make the quick changes you’ll need to match up with your opponent’s strategy.

For full efficiency, map your right paddle to B (for Xbox) or Circle (for PlayStation). The boost ability is constantly a factor during Rocket League, and keeping it directly under your left hand takes some pressure off the right hand: allowing it to focus on jumping and sliding.

Map your left paddle to X (for Xbox) or Square (for PlayStation). This puts the power slide ability in your right hand, while freeing the right thumb for jumping. With two of your most important buttons mapped to paddles, combining a boost with a slide or a jump is smooth and fluid.


There’s no question that the left thumbstick is the most important when it comes to Rocket League. Like jumping and sliding, your steerings needs pinpoint accuracy, and TeamSCUF has found that the regular domed thumbstick is ideal for this. The rounded shape of the thumbstick allows for smoother, more graceful movement.

And while the right thumbstick isn’t quite as important as the left, a regular domed stick can allow for the same level of speed and smoothness when it comes to looking around for the ball (or avoiding another car!).

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