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Expert Controller Settings in Rocket League header

Expert Controller Settings in Rocket League

With Rocket League Season 3 here, it's time to learn how to up your game to snag more wins. In this guide, we'll be going over all of our recommended game settings in combination with controller settings  to really improve how you play in Rocket League.


Expert Game Settings

We recommend going into your Rocket League settings and making a couple tweaks. 

While the Camera Shake setting can add some cool visual effects while playing, it can hinder your view and is unnecessary. 

  • Go into Options > Camera > Uncheck Camera Shake

Increase how quickly the camera moves around when you’re using the right thumbstick.

  • Go into Options > Camera > Swivel Speed > 5.00

Keep control over your view by having the ability to switch between keeping your camera on the ball or on your car. 

  • Go into Options > Controls > Ball Camera Mode > Toggle

To recap some settings discussed in Improving Your Aim in Rocket League there are two additional camera settings to improve your gameplay:

Max out your field of view to be able to see the largest amount of the field as possible.

  • Go into Options > Camera > Field of View > 110

Keep your view as accurate as possible by increasing how stiffly the camera follows your car. 

  • Go into Options > Camera > Stiffness > 0.60


Expert Controller Settings With SCUF 


Rocket League PlayStation Controller Layout SCUF IMPACTLearn More About SCUF IMPACT

Rocket League Xbox One X and Xbox One S Controller Layout SCUF PrestigeLearn More About SCUF Prestige 

Like we discussed in Getting Started in Rocket League Paddles can increase you reaction times, have more control, and perform moves more easily. This is our recommended layouts for Impact and Prestige, but you can also try out other layouts to find the best one for how you like to play. Another great one is swapping Air Roll/Powerslide to the outer left paddle to drift more easily. 

High Performance Grip

While you’re playing for hours on end scoring goals, high-performance grip will reduce slippage and increase comfort during long hours of play. Don’t let sweaty hands get in the way of your wins. 


Play like a Pro

Now that you have customized the different aspects of your controller, it’s time to jump in-game and test your new setup.  Like every change, adjusting to these new settings may take some time - however, with practice and dedication, every SCUF feature will help you reach your full potential in Rocket League! 

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Rocket League is a vehicle based soccer game by Psyonix is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox One X, Xbox One S and PC.