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Strictly Business

Established 2007 - United States

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Strictly Business Gaming is a professional esports organization currently residing in the United States of America. Founded in 2007, Strictly Business was an organization founded upon the principles of trust, dignity, respect, and most importantly, loyalty. Strictly Business began as an MLG GameBattles clan participating in many online competitive matches and tournaments. After expanding the small organization in 2012 to begin hosting free-entry tournaments for the Call of Duty Community, we rebranded our logo, colors and transformed into the entity known today. The newly formed Strictly Business professional Call of Duty team made huge noise at their premier event, UMG Dallas 2013, taking 7th place.

The Strictly Business pro team has continued to place consistently well in multiple tournaments, including placing 1st at the Call of Duty Championship regional qualifiers in 2014, defeating the famous complexity. They also continued to place 4th at the Call of Duty Championships in 2014 and winning $100,000 dollars. Since then, the organization has grown and continued to take the esports world by storm.


2014 - Call of Duty Championship 2014: US Regional Rinal - Position: 1