SCUF Infinity1 Competitive Controller


About Features

  • Shell
  • Buttons
  • Thumbsticks & Rings
  • D-pad
  • EMR
  • Trigger System
  • Grip
  • Back

About Shell Design

SCUF Infinity1 controllers are designed to offer infinite levels of customization, so ‘YOU’ the gamer can fully interchange key areas of function, feature and design; and all on the fly.

Please Note: Colors and designs may have slight differences due to the production process.

About Button Kit

Add another layer of customization to your handcrafted SCUF controller with our custom button and trim kits.

About Thumbsticks & Rings

SCUF XB1 precision thumbsticks are available in three height options: regular, medium and long and two shape options: domed and concave.

  • The different heights accommodate various hand sizes and provide gamers with as many options as possible.
  • Choose from domed and concave thumbsticks, with most gamers preferring a shorter concave on the left, and taller domed on the right.

SCUF Infinity Rings

  • Fully removable and customizable
  • High grade materials provide a pro-grade finish offering improved smoothness, life and feel of thumbsticks

About Control Disc

The control disc covers the d-pad with a removable rubber-like disc that provides more surface area and smoother thumb movement across the d-pad area.

  • Easily remove by lifting the control disc straight up to use the fully functional dpad underneath
  • Quick access to all axes of d-pad for fighting games
  • Increases the height of the d-pad, making it quicker to reach from left thumbstick
  • High grade TPU for added comfort

NOTE: If control disc is selected, the below d-pad will be black or white, matching the color of selected control disc.

About Electro-Magnetic Remapping

Electro-Magnetic Remapping (EMR) is a technology SCUF created to allow a gamer to reprogram the back paddles to most face buttons (A, B, X, Y, Left Dpad, Right Dpad, Left thumbstick down, Right thumbstick down) with the use of the SCUF EMR Mag Key.

Select "Yes" to add the EMR option and make your paddles re-programmable. Without EMR, the configuration of the Infinity1 paddles (left to right: A, X, Y, B) is fixed.

About the Trigger Control System

The two core features that make up the FPS Adjustable Trigger Grips are the Adjustable Hair Triggers and the Trigger Stop Mechanism.

  • The Adjustable Hair Triggers let you modify the tension of your triggers to find that sweet spot for each game you play.
  • The Trigger Stop Mechanisms stop your triggers from fully pressing down, allowing you to hit the triggers faster and more often.
  • This feature will work especially well for First-Person-Shooter Games such as Call of Duty, Gears of War and Borderlands. This feature is not recommended for games like Destiny, Halo Series, GTA5, Battlefield Series and most racing games.
  • The Trigger Grips are easily removable with the included pry tool and are perfect for anyone planning on using their SCUF for multiple games.

About Grip

SCUF Grip is a high grade grip material that dramatically improves control and comfort during gameplay, essential for sweaty hands. Standard Finish Back is a medium textured plastic grip. Recommended for gamers who are cost-conscious and do not suffer from hand perspiration.

SCUF Pro Grip is made of a high grade rubber material and on the handles of the controller. Contoured to fit your hands and embossed with the SCUF logo for extra grip.

About Rumbles

The vibration of a controller can throw off your aim in-game; this is why most competitive gamers have them removed.

  • Removing the rumbles also provides you with a lighter controller for added comfort during gameplay.
  • Please note that removing the rumbles will also disable the rumbles placed in the triggers of the controller.

Product Details

Find out why 90% of pros use SCUF. Take your game to the next level with the fully modular SCUF Infinity1. Change thumbstick length & shape, fully adjust triggers and remap paddle configurations on the fly. Every SCUF controller is handcrafted & customized to specification. Customized by you. Handcrafted by us.

SCUF infinity1 features include: four removable paddles, electro-magnetic remapping, adjustable hair triggers, quick shift trigger stops, interchangeable thumbsticks, high grade grip and control disc.