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Nickmercs MFAM
SCUF Vantage


The complete re-engineered shape and ergonomics of the SCUF Vantage are molded to fit your hands perfectly for paddle play. Prepare for more flexing and less reaching with four paddles, removable faceplate, interchangeable thumbsticks, adjustable triggers and much more!

Starting at $199.99

The Rise of NickMercs

In a world full of players relying on keyboard and mouse, Nick “NICKMERCS” Kolcheff levels the competitive field with a controller in his hands. Alongside Fortnite’s success, NICKMERCS has quickly made a name for himself as one of the world’s premier players of the game with 150+ tournament wins and 1900+ Victory Royales. With his over 1.2 million subscribers on YouTube and 1.8 million followers on Twitch, he is also one of the most popular personalities in Esports.

NICKMERCS began his career uploading playthroughs of Outlast on YouTube in 2011 before transitioning to gaming content based on Call of Duty. In 2018, he was shot into superstardom after he and his team broke a Fortnite World Record for most squad kills in a game. He also set a record for most kills in Fortnite from a duo.