The SCUF MLG Anaheim 2017 Wrapup!

The final Call of Duty World League open event has ended. Over the weekend, 113 teams fought it out, with Luminosity Gaming emerging triumphant at MLG Anaheim after a 3-1 win in the grand final against Splyce. There were many standout moments from Epsilon, Evil Geniuses, and Enigma6, and we are sure that the remainder of this year’s Call of Duty season will be full of surprises, upsets and high-octane competition.

Scuf Gaming was there for all the action in Anaheim, and the SCUF Booth was set up and ready to go the moment the doors opened on Friday. Between the MLG Anaheim Giveaway, all the battles onstage, and the autograph sessions with teams like OpTic, FaZe, EnVyUs, eUnited, and Luminosity, there was no limit of excitement. Now, we are hyped and geared up for these final months of competition before the CoD World Championship in August!

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