SCUF at the SMITE World Championship 2016

The SMITE World Championship 2016 took place on January 7th through 10th in Atlanta, to a host of exciting news and gameplay coverage across PC and Xbox One.

Hi-Rez Studios introduced the new Joust 3v3 map, as well as the inclusion of the Japanese Pantheon of gods to the roster and some changes to how in-game rewards are earned; they were also able to showcase their other IPs including their new mobile game “Jetpack Fighter”, the hotly anticipated “Paladins” and even showed some love for “Tribes: Ascend.”

It was a good day to be a Hi-Rez Studios gamer.

SMITE World Championship 2016 2

The SMITE tournament was split between PC and Xbox One platforms with several Scuf Gaming teams attending each side.

Ultimately, #TeamSCUF would prove victorious on both fronts with a dominating performance by Epsilon on PC as they went 3-0 over their opponent, and a similar 3-0 performance from Team EnYyUs on the Xbox One side making them the first World Champion Xbox One SMITE team.

SMITE World Championship 2016 3

The Scuf Gaming booth was in full swing at the event, selling a very popular and exclusive SMITE SCUF Infinity1 Controller to attendees. The SCUF team was on hand to answer questions and let people get their hands on a SCUF.

SMITE World Championship 2016 5

If you were able to attend the event and visited the SCUF booth, thank you for stopping by!

If not we didn't catch you this time, we hope to see you at the next event!