SCUF Announces New PRO Edition Paddle Control System for SCUF 4PS

PRESS RELEASE: July 2015 - Scuf Gaming continues to innovate with the launch of the new SCUF 4PS PRO edition paddle control system. Since inventing and patenting the paddle control system over 4 years ago, Scuf Gaming has redefined the way gamers use their controller in a more natural and intuitive way, with paddle play now becoming the determining factor for elite gamers. SCUF 4PS PRO paddles mimic the allocated face buttons so gamers can keep their thumbs on the thumbsticks while using the back paddles with their middle fingers to perform advanced moves with increased dexterity.

The SCUF 4PS PRO edition paddle control system has been re-engineered to ensure the paddles are easier to reach on the SCUF 4PS and are great for all hand sizes. Grip and grooves have been added to the end of the paddles to provide a secure grip for fingertips. The PRO edition switches are layered with gold on the circuits to provide an increased actuation life. And, there’s an overall improved haptic feedback on the SCUF 4PS controller. The SCUF 4PS for PlayStation 4 is feature rich and robust, just what’s expected from a SCUF controller.

4PS Pro Edition Paddles custom Playstation controller

Duncan Ironmonger, CEO & Co-Founder of Scuf Gaming, “At SCUF, we’re proud of the investment we’ve made in the eSports community and will continue to lead the market in innovation and ergonomics. We’ve done extensive research and development to create the new SCUF 4PS PRO edition paddle control system and we’re certain that gamers are going to love the new paddles. They feel great, are easier to reach no matter what your hand size may be and are backwards compatible. We’re excited for the upcoming season as PlayStation moves more competitively into eSports with Call of Duty: Black Ops III and feel the PRO paddles will   take the game to a whole new level.”

SCUF 4PS controllers start at $119.95. For more information, please visit



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