Gfinity 2014 Results

The Call of Duty scene at this year’s Gfinity Tournament was one of excellent gameplay and surprises. The final standings of the Top 8 Teams were as follows:

1st: Team EnVyUs

2nd: Epsilon eSports

3rd: FaZe Pro Team

4th: OpTic Nation

5th-8th: Evil Geniuses

5th-8th: Team KaLiBeR

5th-8th: Team Curse

5th-8th: OpTic Gaming

All of which are part of #TeamSCUF. Team EnVyUs had a well-deserved first place finish this year, with FormaL leading the way with an overall KDA 1.35, the best in the entire tournament. Also worthy of recognition, FormaL is now the first and only console FPS player to win a major championship in both Halo and Call of Duty. EnVyUs as a team went 15-1 in total with map wins/losses, which is extremely impressive to say the least. A few surprises for this Gfinity were the placement of crowd favorites OpTic Gaming and Evil Geniuses, both losing to Epsilon and FaZe respectively, pushing them to the 5th-8th bracket. EnVyUs came to this tournament with something to prove, and prove it they did; taking home their first major championship win in quite a long time. EnVyUs is now poised to be the talk of the Call of Duty gaming scene, and with UMG Dallas coming up in August, fans will get to see if they can show a repeat performance.


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