Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare -- The Rig You Need And How To Use It

The newest iteration of the blockbuster Call of Duty franchise, Infinite Warfare, has arrived for Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC, and this time we’re headed to Space. The movement and action of the game is similar to previous games Black Ops: 3 and Advanced Warfare, with wall-running, boost-jumping, and specialist classes (Rigs) all making a return in IW. The fast-paced First Person Shooter is literally taken to new heights in the campaign and some multiplayer levels, as players engage in tense firefights in zero-gravity.

The multiplayer delivers the fast, futuristic, and fun gameplay that CoD is known for. Close quarters maps ensure that there’s literally action around every corner, and fan favorite guns from previous CoD games make their return, disguised with fun aliases. Much like other titles in the Call of Duty series, the game is fully realized with the addition of a SCUF Controller. From the high mobility and verticality, to the number of jump and drop-shots players will be performing, the SCUF shines brightly and offers a noticeable improvement to overall gameplay.

Paddle Configurations:

As with most Call of Duty games, the Infinite Warfare multiplayer gives players tons of customization options to let them play the way they want. Weapon type, weapon attachments, Lethal and Tactical Grenades, Rigs, and of course the three perk system are just some of the options available to customize in IW. Below we’ll provide our recommended class and SCUF Controller setup that worked best for us as we played through the Infinite Warfare Multiplayer.

Assault Rifle Class:

A well-rounded class that can be used in just about any situation, but will excel in longer-ranged gunfights.


     •  KBAR-32: Full-auto ballistic rifle with a fast fire rate and increased hip fire control.

     •  Elo Attachment: Emitted light optic sight with a floated illuminated reticle.

     •  Quickdraw Attachment: Custom grip for fast aiming down the sites. An essential attachment for any Assault class. 

     •  Oni Secondary Weapon: Full-auto energy pistol that accelerates fire rate over time.

     •  Seeker Grenade: An autonomous device that will seek out nearby enemies before exploding.

     •  Jammer Grenade: Jams enemy minimap, movement, and aiming systems.

     •  Ghost Perk 1: Player character is invisible to UAV and radar pings. A must have perk for most multiplayer skirmishes.

     •  Tracker Perk 2: Offers the ability to see trails left behind by enemies. Good for tracking down targets.

     •  Gung-Ho Perk 3: Player is able to shoot, use equipment and activate scorestreak rewards while sprinting. Great for the fast paced action of Infinite Warfare.

     •  Warfighter Rig: Assault class battle-rig made to perform well in any situation.

     •  Claw Payload: Rapid fire spread shot firearm with ricochet ballistic rounds to take out multiple enemies and even kill around corners.

     •  Ping Trait: Kills and assists activate a minimap ping at the enemy’s location, allowing easier continuation of scorestreaks.

Our Assault class paddle configurations are YBXA for Xbox One and Triangle/X for Playstation 4. The most frequently used abilities should always be mapped to the outermost paddles for ease of use. Most classes in Infinite Warfare will make liberal use of the jump/thrust function, but our Assault class is heavily reliant on the Oni pistol for most close range situations. An easily-accessible quick weapon swap will benefit victory during CQB.

codiw-game-guide-xb1-axyb-768x480_v1 codiw-game-guide-ps4-x_triange-768x480_v1

Submachine Gun Class:

Our go-to run and gun class for smaller, close quarters encounters.


     •  HVR: Full auto ballistic firearm with best-in-class stopping power. Incredible damage while maintaining the mobility of a SMG.

     •  Reflex Attachment: A precision red dot sight

     •  Quickdraw Attachment: Custom grip offering quicker aiming down sights. Essential for a fast paced class.

     •  Rifled Barrel Attachment: Extended stopping power range for taking down opponents at a distance.

     •  NV4 Secondary Weapon (Overkill: Use a second primary weapon in the secondary weapon slot): Full-auto ballistic rifle with a moderate fire rate. Made for taking down enemies at longer range.

     •  Plasma Grenade Lethal: A sticky grenade that explodes into a pool of burning plasma.

     •  Dexterity Perk 1: Reload and swap weapons faster. Mandatory for running two primary weapons and a SMG that burns through ammo quickly.

     •  Hardline Perk 2: Gain bonus experience points for each kill.

     •  Gung-Ho Perk 3: Player is able to shoot, use equipment and activate scorestreak rewards while sprinting. Essential for a run and gun class.

     •  Synaptic Rig: C6 class remote operated robot, optimized for speed and close quarters combat. Partners beautifully with speed.

     •  Equalizer Payload: Dual integrated machine guns with built in suppressors to complement the close range class.

     •  Combat Burst Trait: Gain a brief boost to movement speed after each kill, allowing for faster traversing of the map.

Our SMG run and gun class is heavily focused on movement and quick kills. Because of this, we chose to configure our controller to XBYA on Xbox One and Square/X on Playstation 4. Our SMG class is designed to increase movement speed as players get kills, and since the HVR has a very low “time-to-kill”, expect to be ping-ponging across the map for the majority of games. In addition to that, the high fire rate of SMGs will burn through ammo quickly, so making sure the reload button is easily accessible will guarantee a full clip before jumping to the next firefight.

codiw-game-guide-xb1-axyb-768x480_v2 codiw-game-guide-ps4-x_square-768x480_v2

Sniper Class:

Our marksman class for those who enjoy sharp-shooting.


     •  EBR 800: Semi-auto energy rifle with an alternate automatic fire mode for close range skirmishes.

     •  Variable Zoom Attachment: Pressing R3 when scoped in will cycle between three different zoom distances, perfect for adjusting to any sniping situation.

     •  Spartan-SA3 Secondary Weapon: A lock-on anti air launcher, perfect for taking out enemy scorestreaks attempting to foil a sniper spree.

     •  Trip Mine Lethal: A magnetic mine that triggers when an enemy passes through its beam, perfect for flank prevention while sniping in the opposite direction.

     •  Personal Radar Tactical: A sensor array that uses heat signatures to track enemies that are closing in.

     •  Ghost Perk 1: Makes players invisible to UAV and radar pings, assuring a safe sniping position.

     •  Cold Blooded Perk 2: Makes players invisible to thermal detection systems. An extra layer of stealth for a sniper to go under the radar.

     •  Hardline Extra Perk 2: Gain bonus experience points for enemy kills.

     •  Marksman Perk 3: See enemy names from greater distance and reduce flinch when under fire and using a sniper rifle.

     •  Phantom Rig: Specializes in concealing players involved in long-range engagements. A natural fit for our sniping class.

     •  Active Camo Payload: Allows players to go (almost) completely invisible for a few brief moments to escape firefights or reposition on the map.

     •  Heightened Senses Trait: While aiming down sights with a sniper rifle, gain increased audio feedback and warning radar blips for nearby enemies.

Unlike our other classes in IW our Sniping class doesn’t require high mobility to thrive considering most snipers benefit from shooting in a stationary position. With that in mind, our paddle layout for sniping is XBAY for Xbox One and Square/Triangle for Playstation 4. Despite energy weapons slowly regeneration ammo over time, we found ourselves reloading our sniper quite often; and when the EBR is switches to its fully-automatic mode, reloading becomes even more essential. Speaking of the automatic mode, having the “swap weapons” button mapped to an outside paddle is extremely helpful for situations needing a more close ranged weapon. Simply hold down the paddle to switch between sniper rifle and assault rifle with ease, a function that saved us more times that we could count.

codiw-game-guide-xb1-axyb-768x480_v3 codiw-game-guide-ps4-triangle_square-768x480_v3