Expert Controller Settings in FIFA 20

Expert Controller Settings in FIFA 20

From SCUF's features to recommended layouts, here are some expert settings to improve your gameplay in FIFA 20.

Step One: Adjusting Hair Triggers

SCUF’s Trigger Control system is available on every controller model and offers full trigger customization through Adjustable Trigger Stops and Hair Triggers. 

In FIFA 20, changing the pressure on the trigger will adjust the speed at which your player runs if Analogue Sprint is on. To ramp up your speed faster and have more control, start by adjusting the Hair Triggers in a practice game.

Turn the key until you hit the activation point which is where your player will start running on their own, then dial it back 1 turn or until you find your preference. Make sure to keep your Trigger Stops off, though. 

Step Two: Selecting Other SCUF Options


Reduce fatigue and hand strain by ordering your SCUF without vibration modules / rumbles (or taking them out if you’re using a SCUF Vantage). Next time you hit the bar post, no more crazy vibration. 


Each SCUF controller has the option for high performance grip: a textured non-slip surface. This is perfect for long gaming sessions to improve comfort and performance.

Step Three: Setting Up SCUF’s Recommended Layout

For FIFA 20, we recommend switching up from the default controller configuration to improve movement control and keep your left thumb on the thumbstick.

SCUF Prestige FIFA 20 Controller Configuration

Learn More About SCUF PRESTIGE

  • SCUF IMPACT & SCUF Prestige: Place Off-Side Trap (D-Pad Down) on the outer left paddle and Attacking Tactics (D-Pad Up) on the outer right paddle. Then map Shoot (Circle on PS4, B on Xbox) to the inner left paddle and Cross (Square on PS4, X on Xbox) to the inner right paddle. 

Play like a Pro

Now that you have customized the different aspects of your controller, it’s time to jump in-game and test your new setup using these FIFA controller tips! Like every change, adjusting to these new settings may take some time - however, with practice and dedication, every SCUF feature will help you reach your full potential and become the best FIFA player you can be!

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FIFA 20, a realistic competitive futbol game with different game modes like Volta Football, Ultimate Team, Kick Off, and Champions League released on September 24th, 2019 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.