Top 5 Call of Duty Modern Warfare Controller Tips

Top 5 Call of Duty Modern Warfare Controller Tips

You can customize your SCUF to suit your playstyle just like you can customize your loadouts when you want to switch up how you play in Multiplayer. With these 5 tips, you’ll be playing better and dominate Season 3 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

Tip #1 - Control Your Sprinting And Your Aim

Let’s start with a key tip that will help you survive longer during multiplayer matches. Strategize when you decide to sprint, so you don’t blindly run around a corner just to get taken out immediately. Keep in mind that running footsteps are very loud to other players, so they may be expecting you which puts you at a disadvantage.

With SCUF, you can customize your thumbsticks to suit how you like to play. If you like to take it slow and snipe out enemies, use a short concave thumbstick on the left for more control over your movement, and a tall domed thumbstick on the right for more precision when aiming. You can pair this with lowering your controller sensitivity in the game settings to improve your accuracy.

If you prefer to play aggressively and get in the enemy’s face with a shotgun, then use a short domed thumbstick for quick but accurate shooting. Pair this with increased controller sensitivity in the game settings to match the speed you desire.

Tip #2 - Take Cover

When traversing maps to destinations or just during a shootout, be sure to use the environment for cover. You can even Mount against cover to conceal more of your body while still being able to shoot the enemy. 

Using paddles on the back of your SCUF you can also crouch or drop down to the ground while still aiming and shooting at the enemy. You can also customize a paddle to Mount during combat so you don’t have to click in the right stick when aiming.

You can also use this to dropshot by pressing in the paddle to drop down while shooting. This is more advantageous in Modern Warfare since there are less occasions to melee opponents. 

Tip #3 -  Swap Weapons

If you’re running low on ammo, swap weapons first instead of reloading. It’s faster to swap weapons since you won’t be stuck in the reload animation and will increase your odds of surviving (and the enemy’s odds of not). With a quick press of the right inner paddle, you can be onto unloading your next clip instead of trying to jam in a new clip and being taken out. 

Tip #4 - Turn Off Vibration

If you have a controller with vibration modules in, just go ahead into the game settings and turn them off. When it comes to Call of Duty, it’s just better to have them off as they only will wind up shaking up your shot and increasing the odds of missing your shot. Sacrificing the feedback of vibration for better accuracy when aiming will improve your overall experience and performance over time.

Tip #5 - Shoot Faster

Sometimes the key to surviving against the opponent is to be able to take them out quicker than they can get you. You can prepare for situations like this by trying to sneak up on someone, or mounting up against cover to shoot, but sometimes you just need something extra. SCUF’s Digital TAP Triggers transform the triggers on your controller into a quick tap instead of pressing down for longer. You can engage the activation point to gain an additional edge to win the fight.

Experiment With How You Like To Play

Overall, using all of the above tips along with more practice will improve how well you play in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Remember, learning the best strategies and playstyles based upon which game modes you are playing will help you become a better player and a better teammate.

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