Warzone Aim Assist Settings



Are you still playing with default settings in Warzone? It might be time to dig into your settings to change things up. If you’re finding it harder to land shots in Warzone than it should be, just switched from console to PC, or looking to switch things up, it might be the right time to alter your aim assist settings.


In Warzone there are a series of settings you can tweak to alter your aim assist in your games. Keep in mind, these settings will never do the aiming for you, they’re there to allow you to find what feels best for how you play and how things feel when you’re aiming down sight at an enemy. Tweaking your settings to find the right feel for you can help improve your aim and help you come out on top when the firefights begin to heat up.

But where do you start? You’ve come to the right place because we had a chat with Swagg to see what he uses as his own aim assist settings for his controller which might be a good place for you to use as a jumping off point for you to get the best aim assist settings in Warzone for you


The first thing he changes is the FOV, if you’re playing on console this won’t apply to you as FOV is hard coded for console play, but if you’re playing with a controller on PC this setting allows you to adjust the field of view you see while playing. 120 gives you the largest field of view so you can see a lot more of what’s going on around you. Going higher in your FOV setting does have the downside of making other players smaller, so your long range fights may become a little more difficult if you aren’t used to this. If 120 doesn’t feel right to you, try dropping down to 105. Many of the pro players in CDL tend to play on this FOV. Keep in mind that your FOV setting will have a drastic impact on your sensitivity settings so be sure to play around with your FOV and sensitivity settings together to find the best combination for you. For Swagg, this means playing on FOV 120 and sensitivity of 0


Next, Swagg sets up his Low Zoom ADS Sensitivity to 0.90 and his 1.0 for High Zoom ADS Sensitivity. These setting control how fast your aim snaps while ADS’d and is another one of those settings essential to adjust in order to get your aim assist settings feeling right for you


The best thing to do is to play around with your settings, hop into a solo game and drop hot. A quick firefight will give you an immediate impression on whether or not you hate the feel, if it doesn’t feel wrong you can finish the match up and continue to get impressions, otherwise you can drop out and continue to adjust your settings until you find something that feels more right. Just remember that jumping into a match and avoiding fights isn’t going to give you the right experience with your new settings, its always best to give any changes a trial by fire by dropping hot.

If you’re looking to get a full look at Swagg’s game settings be sure to check out his video. If you want to just read through his settings we’ve provided a transcription of his video below.

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Hey YouTube what’s going on I got a banger - I mean this is a complete banger YouTube video for you guys. I got a near 40 kill game solo squads for you guys. And I finally show you guys my settings. This is one of the most asked questions for me as a Warzone player, is my settings. I haven’t showed anybody in about four or five seasons so I hope you guys do enjoy this video. I know I’m probably going to ask for a lot. Lets see if we can break 10,000 likes for today’s YouTube video. With the gameplay, the settings, this can easily do it. Go in the comments section below to let me know what sensitivity you guys run. And make sure you follow my livestream on Twitch, I got live every single day. And ladies and gentlemen make sure you use code SWAGG in the store alright? I hope you guys do enjoy an absolute crazy solo squad game along with showing my settings. Grab your popcorn, everything you need and lets get to it. Alright so these are my settings here ladies and gentlemen, I’ll go through general. So I have - I use 120.00 FOV. A lot of people, even pro players use 105. I use 120. Mini-map shape Square, mini-map rotation enabled. These are all like pretty just general stuff. I mean I have color-blind off, subtitles off, render resolution is at 100. Sync every frame is disabled, custom framerate, NVIDIA Reflex disabled. I play everything on high to be honest, high quality. Particle lighting, ambiance, anti-aliasing, I’ll go down the list so everyone can kinda see. I play with no motion blur. I hate motion blur so much, I don’t know how people play with it For audio I use boost high, um I have my music all the way at zero. Dialogue at like 20. Hit marker sounds classic, cause it just sounds better no cap. Dialogue volume, master volume, yeah most of this stuff - yeah I play on boosted high that’s my main thing. I play tactical [BR Button Layout]. I use the default button layout. Deadzone is 0.05. I play on zero sensitivity. I use 0.90 for my Low Zoom ADS Sensitivity and 1.0 for my High Zoom ADS. My aim response curve time is dynamic. I play with disabled controller vibration, aim assist standard, scale aim assist with FOV disabled. I used to play with it enabled but now I play with it disabled. And on sight behavior - hold, hold, hold, contextual tap, armor plate behavior apply all. That always saves my life in so many different situations. Slide behavior is tap. Auto tac sprint is what I play with. I hope you enjoyed, that was a crazy game and those are my settings for Warzone. Let me know if you copied any of my settings and I’ll see you guys later. - Swagg