If you’re playing Fortnite with a controller on console or PC you’ve probably asked yourself, “could I be playing better if I adjusted my controller settings?”, and generally you’d be right. We’re going to dive into some key Fortnite controller settings we recommend you try out in your next games.


Build Sensitivity Multiplier - We run this setting at 2x standard so we can make quick movements as we engage in build battles. Speed is key here to place down the pieces we need for stable cover before swapping back into combat mode to get kills. Turning Vertical & Horizontal Boost - While we wouldn’t recommend using boost for look settings, boost can be a huge help for looting and building on your turning thumbstick. We run both our horizontal and vertical turning boost at 16%.

  • ADS Speeds - If you’re a longtime FPS veteran like us, you’ll want to drop your ADS speeds down to increase your precision for headshots and better aim. We run our ADS speeds at 9% for horizontal and 11% for vertical.
  • Look Input Curve - Nothing can throw your game off more than jerky look input. We use Exponential Curve here to smooth out our look movement, allowing for more precision in our gunfights.
  • Thumbstick Dead Zone - Thumbstick dead zones are definitely the setting you’re going to want to play around with most as every controller will have different dead zones that need to be worked around. As a general rule here we aim to have a smaller deadzone on our movement stick so we can quickly move our character with a slightly higher deadzone on our aiming stick to prevent accidental nudges.

We suggest you try our suggested settings as a starting point and then adjust between games to find the perfect fit for the way you play. If you’ve been playing on a default controller for a while and are looking for a way to improve your gameplay even further be sure to look into a SCUF controller. SCUF’s various features allow you to keep your thumbs on the sticks in the heat of battle and are essential for controller players that are looking to play at a professional level. Get more information on what makes a SCUF controller go above and beyond a default controller and start customizing your own SCUF HERE