SCUF was founded in 2011 with one goal in mind: to create a better way to play so gamers can reach their fullest potential. Our approach took one simple idea that ended up creating a whole new category of pro-performance products, that quite literally changed the game.

We were the first to bring rear paddles to controllers, giving our players the edge in competitive and esports leagues like Halo, Fortnite, Apex Legends, Major League Gaming (MLG), and Call of World League (CWL) – now called the Call of Duty League (CDL).

Our unprecedented level of customization and commitment to performance features expanded our reach from just the pro esports players competing at the highest level, to all gamers at home looking to take their gameplay to new heights.

We not only build performance products, we create content dedicated to making you better. We don't just want you to play, we want you to win. We'll teach you how to slide cancel in Call of Duty and how to build faster in Fortnite. Whether it's against your buddies or on the main stage, we give you that competitive edge. 

And like the 90+ professional esports players and content creators who trust SCUF, we put you in the best position you can be to get that win.

Collage of Xbox, PlayStation, PC SCUF controllers

Our love for the game motivates us to continue to innovate – with over 135 issued patents and 36 pending patent  counting. Our dedication to improving your gameplay is unwavering because we believe “better” can always be improved.

With a focus on performance, superior ergonomics, and endless customization, we make products for people who play games and are seeking to take their game to the next level – no matter what games they play.

Our product portfolio covers platforms such as PC with our new controller Envision. Optimized for performance gaming with innovative features such as the G-Keys, Envision is perfect for players, esports pros, and streamers alike.

Reflex for the PS5 allows you to quickly switch between profiles for each game ensuring you are always ready to play.

Infinity and Impact for PS4 have FPS options for optimized competitive gameplay.

Xbox Instinct is an officially licensed Microsoft product, as SCUF has been a partner since 2015.

Our accessories are not only aimed at helping you improve your game but also allows you to customize your controller to fit your personal style or mood. From thumbsticks, faceplates, and so much more you can choose the accessories that are right for you.

Today, we’re proud to be part of the Corsair family of brands – a home where quality and innovation not only go hand and hand but are the standard. Together with Corsair, Elgato, Drop and Origin PC, we ensure you have everything you need so you can play at your best.