Pamaj at Scuf Gaming Headquarters Atlanta

This Tuesday, Pamaj surprised his fans with an unexpected trip to SCUF Headquarters in Atlanta. But the infamous OpTic Gaming sniper was here for more than just a friendly visit: he had arrived for the launch of his new controllers for both IMPACT and Infinity1. The Pamaj SCUF 2.0 had been a closely-guarded secret for months, but now that Pamaj was in-house, it was the perfect time to unveil these beauties.

With a partnership that has spanned over 4 years, Pamaj has been an affiliate that’s stood by Scuf Gaming since its earliest days. This faith in SCUF’s innovations and patented technology has led to an evolution of Pamaj-styled controllers: from the SCUF One to the SCUF 4PS to this latest piece of firepower. Inspired by his Canadian lineage and his new found home in the United States, this controller comes in two variations, each bearing the flag of one of his homes.

Pamaj got a firsthand look at the SCUF workshops with a behind-the-scenes tour provided by Scuf Gaming CEO, Duncan Ironmonger. After watching the process of each controller being made by hand, Pamaj tried his hand at it, crafting one of the first Pamaj SCUFs himself. Afterwards, he set up a gaming station and tested out his new SCUF IMPACT controller on Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

After the test run, Pamaj took some questions from his fans, giving some insight to questions like “Did you ever imagine yourself doing what you do today and being the person you are?”

His answer? “Not at all. ...Everyone who does what they really love to do, they never really expect it to be what it is.’s so far-fetched, it’s like a dream.”He went on to answers questions about hockey, his favorite career moments, careers that he’s considered outside of gaming. Oh, and which member of OpTic Gaming would he choose to be roommates with in a much smaller apartment? Watch the video to find out!

Before saying goodbye to Atlanta, Pamaj left a few lucky fans with something special: signed Pamaj hats for the first 40 customers to purchase a Pamaj controller.

Pamaj had a huge visit to SCUF HQ, but we’ve barely scratched the surface on everything that took place. Keep an eye on SCUF’s Twitter and Facebook for more behind-the-scenes looks at his visit. In the meantime, check out the latest Pamaj SCUF design here:

Get Your Pamaj SCUF For IMPACT And Infinity1

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