Season 2 of Call of Duty: Warzone launched on February 7th, 2024, and with it, plenty of new content. Prepare to win with SCUF’s best controller settings for Warzone, the first free to play Call of Duty battle royale.




Starting with the four paddle players on Xbox and PC, this is definitely one of the most popular Warzone controller settings, especially for those who use the ping system a lot. Even if you’re communicating with friends or players over mic, sometimes you want to ping enemies or items specifically. Unfortunately, by default Ping is inconveniently located on the D-Pad so you have to take your left thumb off the stick, sacrificing your movement and aim response.

With this Call of Duty controller layout, just place Ping (D-Pad Up) onto the far left paddle so you can easily engage to communicate to your squad no matter how quickly you have to move.

Recommended controller layout for Call of Duty Warzone - SCUF Instinct


Alternatively, this is one of the best COD Warzone controller settings for those who prefer to cover all their basics as it just gets the job done covering all your needs without sacrificing your aim. Swap weapons with depleted ammo during a gunfight, or crouch for cover when you're under fire all while being ready to take out the enemy.

Map Jump (X on PS4) to the left paddle and Crouch/Slide (O on PS4) to the right paddle. Then map Reload/Interact to the inner left paddle and Weapon Switch (Triangle on PS4) to the inner right paddle.


Recommended controller layout for Call of Duty Warzone - SCUF Reflex Ping


Next up, Warzone PS5 controller settings for Reflex players. This layout is for those who prefer having ping on the paddles, and is the best controller setting for Warzone players who want the ability to quickly grab items and switch out weapons during combat with a quick tap of the paddle.

Start by mapping Ping (D-Pad Up) to the inner left paddle, and Inventory (D-Pad Down) to the inner right paddle. Then place Reload/Interact (Square) to the outer left paddle and Weapon Switch (Triangle) to the outer right paddle.

Recommended controller layout for Call of Duty Warzone - SCUF Reflex Essentials


Next, this is again a great setup for all different types of players by covering your standard moves. It covers reloading, weapon switching, and crouching.

Paddles keep your fingers on the triggers to swap out a depleted ammo weapon, jumping while aiming, and drop-shotting with ease.


Recommended controller layout for Call of Duty Warzone - SCUF Envision


For the PC players, we have loadouts for the SCUF Envision. This essentials loadout is similar to the essentials loadouts for the Instinct and Reflex. However, the Envision features SAX buttons, located on the sides of the shoulder buttons, so there is no need to sacrifice any of your other inputs. With this essential loadout for the Envision, you really get the best of all worlds.

Similarly to the Essentials loadouts for our other controllers, Jump, Reload/Interact, and Crouch/Slide will be bound to the paddles. Now place Steady Aim (L3 on PS4, LS on Xbox) on the farthest left paddle. This will be useful for sniping loadouts.

As for the SAX buttons, bind the left SAX button to Ping, and the right SAX button to Weapon Switch. This loadout gives a great balance of mobility and ranged combat versatility, ensuring you will be a threat at any range.


Since SCUF controllers are remappable to suit how you like to play, there are so many different ways to play to help you gain the advantage in Call of Duty Warzone.

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