We caught up with JoeWo to get the lowdown on his recommendations for the best settings for controller players in Warzone. If you’re a new player looking to completely optimize your settings before jumping in a game or a veteran who’s just looking to get the edge on their opponents you’ve come to the right place.



We start off in the graphics settings where JoeWo plays with a FOV of 120 for maximum field of view.

“Now I hear a lot of people talking about FOV. And FOV is definitely going to be very very important if you're on console I’m sorry you don’t have that setting. If you guys are on PC I’m currently on 120 FOV.

Now a lot of players don’t play on 120 FOV because you can see more of the map, but seeing more of the map does mean your targets are going to be a lot smaller.

So if you find yourself if your switching from console to PC and you find yourself choking shots - even on console at 80 FOV I would not advise 120 FOV - even though you can see more this does not mean you’re going to hit your shots.

I would advise - there’s some pro players especially in the CDL that play around 100 FOV or 105, I would advise playing on that. Personally I like playing on 120 because I’m so use to it. But I think 100-105 if you’re getting into Warzone should be perfect.” Playing around with your FOV to find what works best for you is going to be essential here. If you’re used to playing Call of Duty multiplayer matches a lower field of view may feel a little more at home, and if you’re comfortable there it might be right for you. If BR games are your main focus you’ll definitely want to push that FOV higher so you can take in as much of the scene as possible in your matches. The more information you can take in of what’s in your field of view the better. But do remember the higher FOV comes at the price of smaller enemy players so be sure to brush up on your aim if you’re playing at 120 FOV.


“Now I know a lot of people ask for my specific settings. I’m currently on 7, 7 sensitivity on 120 FOV. On 120 FOV means I’m seeing more of the map so 7, 7 sensitivity might look faster for me than it does for you on 80 or if you’re on 100 FOV it might look faster if you’re on 7, 7. Just because I’m seeing more of the map which makes it seem like my screen is turning faster.”

Sensitivity is definitely another one of those settings where it will be best to change around between games until you find what feels best to you, and remember that sensitivity will look different depending on what FOV you’re playing at. Hot drop into a solo match between changing settings to get a quick impression of how your settings feel on your controller to find what works best for you.


“Now to go over deadzone here. What you can do is if you have your controller and you’re experiencing stick drift - now that means if you’re not touching your sticks at all and your screen is drifting that means you have stick drift and I would advise going at your right stick and left stick as high or to the right as you can until your stick drift goes away. Now deadzone is personal for your controller so do not copy my deadzone setting as they are personal for my personal controller. Usually between .03 to about .1 is normal.”

Stick drift is no joke and it's great to be able to adjust those settings in game. Generally, the older your controller and the more hours you’ve played on it the more chance you’ll have of increased stick drift. Just remember that a deadzone setting between .03 and .1 is normal but if you’re finding the only way to avoid stick drift is to go significantly higher you might want to get your controller serviced, replace the thumbsticks, or look into a new controller (we highly recommend the SCUF Instinct and Reflex, both are rigorously tested and built to last).


Now that you’ve set up your game and controller settings to your liking its time to dive into some specific settings that can really help in your games.

“First thing is going to make sure that you change your use and reload behavior to contextual tap. Now this means you’re going to be able to pick up plates, open chests, get in a vehicle, exit a vehicle by pressing square or X or I think F on keyboard and mouse instead of having to hold it. So I would advise you changing use and reload behavior to tap to use, to contextual tap.” Contextual tap can be a real lifesaver as it allows you to perform actions much faster than players that are using default settings. Anyone that’s mastered the use of paddles on a SCUF controller can attest that these saved milliseconds can make all the difference in a heated gunfight. Get caught out by an opposing team? Reposition through a building using the one tap actions to open and close doors behind you and watch as default settings players get slowed going through those same doors. Paired with the earlier controller settings you’ll be stacking up kills in no time. “So the next setting that is absolutely crucial that you guys need to change is under armor plate behavior. It is going to be standard on “apply one”, that means if you are in a fight and you go to plate up and you hold triangle it's only going to put on one plate and then stop and then you have to press triangle to put on a second plate and triangle again to apply a third plate. Instead if you change this to apply all as long as you are plating up and not being shot at or touching your triangle button it will keep applying plates without you having to press your button three times.

Now this can be very very useful as you’re going through buildings you can close doors behind you because you did change our use and reload to contextual tap.

You guys have probably seen me run through buildings and close doors while plating up and all that and that is because I have armor plate behavior on apply all so I don’t have to be pressing triangle every time and its plating on its own over and over and over and as I’m running through buildings I can close doors behind me and all that jazz because I have on these two specific settings.”

Save yourself the effort of having to remember to keep stacking plates between gunfights so you’re not caught in the embarrassing situation of only remembering to apply one plate before your next gunfight. This type of quality of life setting may not seem like much, but it really begins to open up your play as your skill level increases.

“And then to close out the settings tab here on our movement if you guys have watched my movement guide you’ll know but if you haven’t definitely check that out. But going from slide behavior you wanna change your slide behavior to tap and your automatic sprint to automatic tactical sprint.

You don’t have to do this if you’re a really tactical player, but if you are really trying to maximize your movement which again is the most skillful thing you can use to improve your gameplay that lets you truly finesse teams.

You need to definitely do this slide behavior to tap so all you have to do is press circle to slide once and then automatic sprint if you press let on your stick it will put you in automatic tactical sprint which is the fastest way to run.” If you’re a new player you may want to hold off on this setting while you learning the basics of movement in Warzone but as your skills improve and you start taking on more difficult gunfights to cinch victories you’ll learn that movement is king in Warzone. This is when these settings will really come in handy.

“Another thing you should definitely definitely change which I see a lot of new players not doing is turning off your parachute auto deploy. Now I get a lot of free kills because people are flying in from the gulag or because they got bought back and once they get to a certain level their parachute auto deploys because theirs is on enabled their parachute automatically pulls.

And then that’s going to be a free kill as they're flying in, you can just beam them out from the sky. Now mind you, you’ll need to pull your parachute on your own now, you will then be able to get closer to the ground and then fly closer and not get shot out of the sky.

Like I said I’ve got so many free kills because people are flying and their parachute auto deploy setting is on, it pulls and then I get a free beam and they die because this setting is on.”

Don’t get caught mid-air like a new player by doing yourself the favor of turning off your parachute’s auto-deploy. It only takes one game of forgetting to pull your parachute to get into the habit of pulling the chute yourself and the added flexibility and speed you gain from pulling your chute lower can easily be the difference between getting some free kills or getting eliminated in a hot drop scenario.

That covers everything we’ve learned from JoeWo. If you want to get more details on the best settings for controller players in Warzone be sure to watch JoeWo’s video above or read the full transcript below. If you’re looking to keep improving your skill at Warzone be sure to check out SCUF’s other articles on the Warzone page, good luck and we’ll see you in Caldera.