What makes Fortnite one of the most unique battle royale experiences out there has always been the fun building mechanic on top of a solid 3rd person shooter experience. Some players may find themselves asking, “Is there still building in Fortnite” after some exciting no-building events dropped, but building is here to stay in Fortnite. Players both new to shooters and laser aimed shooter veterans can easily get caught up on the building mechanic and lose gunfights to players that are more experienced builders. If you want to improve your building in Fortnite check out these Fortnite building tips from SCUF.



One of the first and most important pieces of improving your building is making sure your settings are tweaked for success. First and most importantly, you’re going to want to alter your shooting and building sensitivities to be different. If you’re used to playing Warzone or Apex you might play on a lower sensitivity for higher accuracy but that won’t do for quick building in Fortnite. Keep your aim sensitivity wherever you like it, but make sure you really dial up your build sensitivity. You need to be able to very quickly reposition your cursor to build with the flick of a thumb. This effect is made even more potent when paired with the builder pro layout. These two changes combo exceptionally well with a SCUF controller. Remappable paddles will help you quickly place walls and ramps while your thumbs remain firmly on the sticks, allowing you to pull off build speeds that most only expect from highly experienced mouse and keyboard players. Pair this with SCUF’s short domed thumbstick as your right thumbstick and you’ll be capable of building faster than anyone could imagine on a controller. All of your other settings will be dependent on how you like to play. We highly recommend playing around with your setting in the playground game mode to find the settings that feel the fastest in your hands. While you’re there be sure to practice up on your building techniques so the hand movements to build become second nature.


One of the oldest and most classic building techniques in Fortnite is known as the ramp push. This might be thought of as a relatively basic building move in competitive Fortnite in the more recent seasons but it still remains a staple for many players and there’s really no point in trying to master more advanced building techniques until you have mastered the ramp push. The technique is based around quickly building a ramp with protection from the front angle to engage an opponent. The key here is practice as you need to be able to drop down your buildings quickly and smoothly while maintaining forward and upward momentum. The basic ramp push works like this: Build a ramp directly in front of you - place a wall directly in front of that ramp - place a floor just in front of the top of the ramp - repeat. This basic ramp push provides solid cover and stability for your build while being quite fast to place down for a practiced builder. An added layer of protection can be added for a skilled builder that knows their building will be under heavy fire by including a second ramp below each ramp you place, providing additional padding from enemy fire that might come from below. Side walls can also be added for protection from flanking opponents and are key when in a fierce 1v1 build battle. These basic ramp push variants should all be practiced thoroughly so that when you get into a gunfight you can drop these builds in the blink of an eye when needed.

While more advanced than the basic ramp push, the ninety is an essential build technique that allows you to climb vertically quickly and safely while under fire. This structure ends up being significantly more secure than the basic ramp push and with some practice will have you quickly elevate your character while maintaining strong cover from enemy fire to get those ideal shooting angles down on your opponent as they slowly try to build up and catch you.


The technique for the ninety is a lot more involved than the basic ramp push so be sure you practice this in the playground gamemode so you can reliably pull it off without slowing your character’s movement down. The technique starts by placing a ramp with a wall in front and above, then depending on what direction you want to move, two stacked walls are placed to the left or right of your ramp, as you reach the top of the ramp - but before you make contact with the wall - jump and place a floor and another ramp as you face the walls you just placed and continue moving forward. From here you can build into any of the ramp push variants or drop another ninety to scale straight up vertically very quickly. Changing up the direction you turn or swapping between ramp pushes and ninety techniques as you build up can completely throw your opponent off and have them make fatal mistakes as they attempt to build up to you, leaving you the time you need to pop a few shots off at them from above. With some fine tuning of your controller settings and some time practicing you can be building like the pros and dropping opponents in build battles before they can even register what has happened to them. If you’re looking to see some visual examples of these build techniques check out the video above or check below for a full transcription of the video.