Welcome to the SCUF legend guide for Wraith in Apex Legends. If you’re new to Apex or just looking to learn everything you can about the various playable legends in Apex Legends you’ve come to the right place. Wraith has been with us from the launch of Apex Legends and has been one of the most played legends by both casual and competitive players since. Wraith has been through some small but impactful changes to her kit to keep her fresh and competitive for players now that we’ve been through a handful of content seasons. In a game where movement and positioning can be so important Wraith sits in a very comfortable position when compared to the other playable legends. Every piece of Wraith’s kit makes her exceptionally difficult to pin down. Players that excess at Wraith like continuously move as they engage in and out of gunfights to keep their opponents uncertain of where the next shots will come from. Wraith also plays a strong role in their squad by giving the team access to strong repositioning tools and forewarnings when an enemy team is about to engage on you. If you’re a fan of fire and fade style engagements, like to keep your opponents on edge, and like playing aggressive Wraith might be the legend for you. Read on for details on her abilities and a few tips to get the most out of your gameplay with her.


Wraith’s abilities are centered around her void abilities, allowing her to slip in and out of reality to avoid damage and reposition. All together Wraith’s kit makes her one of the hardest legends to lock down, making her a nightmare to deal with when she’s played by a practiced player. Read up on Wraith’s skills here to get a stronger understanding of what she’s capable of in your matches.
  • Voices from the Void (Passive) - Wraith players are warned whenever an enemy sights in on you, when a player has you in their scope, when a large number of enemies have died in an area, when there are traps nearby, and when there are a large number of enemies in an area.
  • Into the Void (Tactical) - Slip out of reality after a short delay, becoming immune to damage and increasing your movement speed for a short time before shunting back into reality. Wraith is unable to use weapons or gear shortly before, during, and shortly after void walking.
  • Dimensional Rift (Ultimate) - Tear open a portal into the void and increase your movement speed. Activate again to place another portal at your current location that all players can use to quickly travel between portals.
  • Wraith’s kit is highly focussed on movement and the ability to catch opponents unawares. Into the Void and Dimensional Rift open opportunities to sneak up on enemy teams or jump in and out of gunfights to replenish shields or find the perfect angle to strike from. Needless to say, you should be picking and choosing your gunfights because even if you get engaged on, you have the tools to reposition and get yourself into more favorable positioning.
    Don’t sleep on the tactical information Voices from the Void will provide to you as you play. These cues grant significant survivability when you’re away from your squad once you know how to use them. A Wraith player should rarely ever find themselves caught in an enemy team’s trap. Train yourself to think of the opportunities Voices from the Void allow you as you play and you’ll learn just how powerful this passive can be for staying alive, keeping your team out of traps, and opening up opportunities for traps of your own.


    Practice using all of these abilities in concert together to become an ethereal nightmare your enemies will think twice about before pushing. Here are some additional tips to give you the leg up in your next game.
  • Wraith thrives on being unpredictable. Use cover and change up your movement pattern while using Into the Void and Dimensional Rifts. If you find enemy players consistently on your tail as soon as you come out of either abilities it might be time to rethink how you’re moving.
  • Take advantage of the information given to you by your passive. Communicating these cues to your team can make the difference between getting pushed on out of nowhere and getting the jump on an enemy squad that thinks you’re about to fall into their trap.
  • Don’t be afraid to run if things aren’t looking good. As we mentioned earlier, Wraith lives and dies by her ability to stay unpredictable. If the enemy team has you figured out use your abilities to withdraw and find a more favorable engagement for you and your team. Dimensional Rift makes it easier to go back and grab downed teammates’ banners safely so living to fight another day is essential for Wraith players.
  • Trick enemies into chasing you whenever possible. Use walls and doors with abnormal movement while using Into the Void to set up quick ambushes as enemies charge through doors or set Dimensional Rift exit portals in the open for easy kills on those foolish enough to chase you through them.
  • Remember that your opponents can still see you while you are using Into the Void. If an enemy squad has your number you need to use cover and angles to break line of sight to get the most out of this ability.
  • Don’t forget that any player can use your portals created by Dimensional Rift. Be aware of both portals placement so you don’t open a back door for an enemy team to push into a gunfight your squad is in the middle of.
  • After a few games with Wraith it becomes pretty clear why this legend has consistently been one of the most popular playable characters in Apex Legends since launch. Fun abilities that open up great opportunities for exciting plays throughout your matches make for rewarding gameplay.
    If you want to learn more about playing Wraith watch the video above by Staycation or read the full video transcription below and be sure to check out all of our other Apex Legends content by following the links below.