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Control The Field

SCUF Custom Controllers Give You an Edge in FIFA

Utilisez votre SCUF pour des actions parfaites.

Evitez d'enlever vos pouces des joysticks en assignant les boutons de la manette à vos palettes situées à l'arrière de la manette.

Joysticks interchangeables

Changez de joysticks avec notre système ring & lock selon votre style de jeu.

Faits pour vous

Améliorez votre précision et vos mouvements en jeu en utilisant les joysticks dômés et concaves (displonibles en différentes tailles)

Meet MattHD

MattHD, famous UK YouTuber & Celebrity gamer partners with SCUF Gaming to bring competitive controllers to the football community!

"I really love the SCUF controllers! I use SCUF to help improve my game, whether it be FIFA, CoD or NBA, the SCUF controllers makes me feel more confident at any game I play! It also helps me, as they are more comfortable and easy to use for practice. I would recommend SCUF to anyone and always show them off when my mates are round for FIFA nights!"

Check out his review below to see what he has to say about using SCUF controllers.


Introducing The MattHD SCUF

Pulling from FIFA and football-related imagery, the MattHD SCUF sets itself apart in a handsome black and yellow color scheme. This is the ultimate custom controller for dominating the pitch, inspired by one of the most popular FIFA YouTubers in the world.

For PS4 & PC

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For PS4 & PC

Matt HD SCUF Infinity Pro
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Matt HD SCUF Infinity1
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Say Hello to The SCUF Turf

Representing the FIFA fanbase’s famous passion with the exclusive SCUF Turf – a controller perfectly suited to the beautiful game, wearing the feeling of the pitch directly on its face. Available while supplies last. Note: the controller may not be suited for extended gameplay due to its unique shell design.

For PS4 & PC

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For Xbox One & PC

SCUF Infinity1 Turf
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