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SCUF Custom Controllers Give You an Edge in FIFA

For PS4 & PC

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For PS4 & PC

SCUF Infinity4PS PRO Pitch
Build Yours

Use your SCUF for Superior Plays

Eliminate the need to take your thumbs off the thumbsticks by assigning your face buttons and D-pad actions to the paddles positioned beneath the controller.

Interchangeable Thumbsticks

Swap thumbsticks with our ring & lock system to match your play style.

Fit For You

Improve your accuracy and movement in game by taking advantage of our domed and concave thumbsticks that come in varying heights.

"FIFA is becoming more competitive and the stakes have never been higher. On a football pitch, real or virtual, every millisecond can be the difference between scoring the winning goal, and losing to a counter attack. For that reason, partnering our esports team with Scuf Gaming is a natural decision. SCUF controllers have proven to provide the edge in the console competitive world. While they allow you to use more of your hand and reduce unnecessary delays. Being able to play different play styles is a key part of playing FIFA, and for our players, to be able to customize key aspects of their controllers like the thumbstick shapes or the trigger tension really allows them to uncover their full potential."

Hashtag United Captain Spencer Owen