• Trigger Functionality:
  • 8,480,491(US)
  • 9,308,450(US)
  • 9,308,451(US)
  • 9,707,479(US)
  • 10,188,940(US)
  • 3074101(Belgium)
  • 3074101(Switzerland)
  • 3074101(Germany)
  • 3074101(France)
  • 3074101(Spain)
  • 3074101(UK)
  • 3074101(Ireland)
  • 3074101(Luxemburg)
  • 10,220,308(US)
  • 10,258,877(US)
  • 10,279,250(US)
  • D728,030(US)
  • 3096848(Belgium)
  • 3096848(Switzerland)
  • 3096848(Germany)
  • 3096848(France)
  • 3096848(Spain)
  • 3096848(UK)
  • 3096848(Ireland)
  • 3096848(Luxemburg)

  • SAX Buttons:
  • 005666179-0005(EU Design)

  • Thumbsticks Area/Handles/Other:
  • 10,029,175(US)
  • 3074102(Belgium)
  • 3074102(Switzerland)
  • 3074102(Germany)
  • 3074102(Spain)
  • 3074102(France)
  • 3074102(UK)
  • 3074102(Ireland)
  • 3074102(Luxemburg)
  • 3242731(Belgium)
  • 3242731(Switzerland)
  • 3242731(Germany)
  • 3242731(Spain)
  • 3242731(France)
  • 3242731(UK)
  • 3242731(Ireland)
  • 3242731(Luxemburg)
  • D730,451(US)
  • 002508176-1(EU Design)
  • ZL201430252105.7(CN)
  • D794,027(US)
  • D794,027(US)
  • D780,759(US)
  • D780,180(US)
  • D780,760(US)
  • 003351246-0001(EU Design)
  • 003351246-0002(EU Design)
  • 003351246-0003(EU Design)
  • 003351246-0004(EU Design)
  • 005666179-0001(EU Design)
  • 005666179-0002(EU Design)
  • 005666179-0003(EU Design)
  • 005666179-0004(EU Design)
  • Back Controls
  • 8,641,525(US)
  • 9,089,770(US)
  • 9,878,238(US)
  • 9,352,229(US)
  • 9,492,744(US)
  • 9,533,219(US)
  • 9,550,116(US)
  • 10,286,305(US)
  • 10,427,036(US)
  • ZL2014800412584(China)
  • 2913093(Canada)
  • 2888017(EP)
  • 2888017(Belgium)
  • 2888017(Swiss)
  • 2888017(Germany)
  • 2888017(Spain)
  • 2888017(France)
  • 2888017(UK)
  • 2888017(Ireland)
  • 2888017(Luxemburg)
  • 3102301(Belgium)
  • 3102301(Switzerland)
  • 3102301(Germany)
  • 3102301(Spain)
  • 3102301(France)
  • 3102301(UK)
  • 3102301(Ireland)
  • 3102301(Luxemburg)
  • 9,289,688(US)
  • 10,350,490(US)
  • 10,576,386(US)
  • 6,626,579(Japan)
  • 001879859-0001(EU Design)
  • D667,892(US)
  • D721,139(US)
  • D748,734(US)
  • D777,260(US)
  • 002508176-0003(EU Design)
  • 002508176-0004(EU Design)
  • 002508176-0005(EU Design)
  • 002508176-0006(EU Design)
  • D733802(US)
  • 002508176-0002(EU Design)
  • ZL201430252083.4(China)
  • 1541943(Japan)
  • 1544226(Japan)
  • 1544227(Japan)


26 November 2019 – SCUF Gaming Passes Major Milestone Grant Of 100th Patent
Scuf Gaming’s latest patents expand the international coverage of its in-case trigger stop feature. Trigger stops significantly reduce the travel distance of the trigger. Since its invention in 2011, the trigger control system has become a necessity for shooter games, where every millisecond matters, because it allows for quicker aim and firing.'
1 November 2019 – SCUF Gaming Granted Another Key Gaming Controller Patent By USPTO
This latest patent protects anti-friction rings in the thumbstick control area. The anti-friction rings have been designed to be customizable and removable, provide reduced friction between the controller and the thumbsticks, and enable the user to swap the thumbstick size, shape and design. Replaceable anti-friction rings are a necessary feature for esports professionals and competitive gamers due to performance advantages the rings offer.
19 July 2019 – Scuf Gaming Expands Global Intellectual Property Portfolio with Newly Granted European Patents
Scuf Gaming’s latest patents expand international protection of its trigger stop features that have effectively become required functionality for esports professionals and competitive gamers. The patents also cover newer innovations in the thumbstick area that enable greater customization for user preference and playstyle. With these new patents, Scuf Gaming now has 42 granted European patents, covering its innovation in the gaming controller market across the continent.
26 April 2019 – SCUF Gaming Innovation Continues to Reshape Controller Market on World Intellectual Property Day
“It’s amazing to see how the controller market has evolved since we first invented back control functions 9 years ago,” says Duncan Ironmonger, CEO and Co-Founder of Scuf Gaming. “At the time, the middle fingers of the hands went completely unused. It seemed logical to create back paddles to mimic the front buttons, so that the thumbs could reside on thumbsticks. In 2011, only a few hundred people used our features. Today, most core gamers would agree that you can’t play modern games without SCUF features.”
5 November 2018 – Scuf Gaming® Increases Global Intellectual Property Footprint With Release of Vantage™ Controller
The SCUF Vantage™, the company’s most recent and advanced PS4™ controller, relies on existing Scuf Gaming® intellectual property, such as remappable back control functions, interchangeable thumbsticks and trigger control mechanisms. It also features innovations never before seen in a controller, such as the Sax™ buttons (removable side action buttons), which permit mid-finger activation of game functions and removable vibration modules to quickly select vibration and weight preferences. The SCUF Vantage™ has almost 40 granted or pending patents covering its unique features, and the number of patents continues to grow.
3rd February 2017 - USPTO Issues Scuf Gaming Five Additional Patents, Taking SCUF Total to an Impressive Twenty-Nine Issued Patents
CEO & Founder of Scuf Gaming, Duncan Ironmonger says, “As we evolve and further innovate in the input device space, our IP becomes an increasingly important factor of our roadmap and product development. With inventions and designs extending well into the future, our focus remains around improving the user experience. This passion and focus is core to our DNA and what helps drive us to develop the next era of gaming input devices. Since creating a new market space six years ago, our dedication and innovation to support the modern day demands of advanced gaming grows stronger – get ready for an exciting twelve months ahead!”