Envision Pro blurs the lines between a controller and a gaming keyboard and mouse.
Using the Scuf Envision Pro for PC gaming has been exceptional across the board.
- Dexerto
Where SCUF makes a mark for itself is on the customization front, be it hardware or software alike.
- Techpowerup
The SCUF Reflex sits in your fingers and does everything you want it to.
- Sports Illustrated
If you're looking for a pro-level controller for your PS5 or PC gaming, they don't come much better than this - even more so with the customisation options on offer.
- Pocket-lint
As soon as I unboxed the SCUF Reflex, I noticed the excellent build quality.
- Gfinityesports
It’s possibly the best feeling controller I’ve ever held, and that’s especially true in comparison to the regular PS5 controller which was my go-to for a while.
- Diamondlobby
Having used the Reflex Pro for over three months, I do not see myself going back to a standard DualSense anytime soon.
- Android Central
The team’s [SCUF] latest controller, the Scuf Instinct Pro, is the pinnacle of more than ten years of research and development to create a gamepad that’s not only extremely comfortable thanks to its stellar ergonomics, but one which pushes the bar even higher for what a controller should be.
From the first moment we held it we knew this was going to be good.
- Xbox Tavern
While it's certainly pricey, the SCUF Instinct Pro is one of the best Xbox controller options out there, with back buttons that will give you an advantage.
- Windows Central
The best alt-controller we've ever tested.
- PC Gamer
The Instinct Pro is every bit as premium as the Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller, and it even outperforms it in terms of ergonomics and certain customization options.
- Gamespot
Being able to jump and maneuver the aiming stick at the same time offers a huge advantage and I’d feel incredibly limited by a stock pad.
- Game Revolution
Those mouse-click triggers are brutally efficient and clearly the best feature of the Scuf Instinct Pro.
- Games Radar