Getting Started in Fortnite with SCUF Basics

Getting Started in Fortnite with SCUF Basics

In this 3 part guide we’ll be going over some basics to get started in Fortnite, move onto tips to improve your aim, and then lastly Expert Settings to dominate in Fortnite. Let’s get started with some SCUF basics. 

Using Two Paddles 

SCUF Infinity4PSPRO Fortnite PS4 Controller Setup

Starting with two paddles. By default, the farthest left paddle is mapped to Jump (X on PS4, A on Xbox) and the farthest right paddle is mapped to Build Mode (O on PS4, B on Xbox).

Having quick and easy access to Build will allow you to swap in and out of build mode to quickly make defensive and offensive moves during a fight. Jump will help you dodge attacks, as well as build quickly. 

Practice using only the paddles for these functions and ignore their face buttons during gameplay. It will take a little while to get used to, but keep practicing and you will develop the muscle memory. Soon you'll be able to be as fast as the pros. 

Mastering these two paddles will help you dodge your enemies attacks and gain the upperhand by quickly accessing build mode to be ready for anything that comes your way. 


Using Four Paddles

 SCUF IMPACT Fortnite PS4 Controller Setup Learn More About SCUF IMPACT

Fortnite Xbox Controller Setup SCUF PrestigeLearn More About SCUF Prestige 

Next up are the inner two paddles, available on SCUF IMPACT and SCUF Prestige controllers. By default, the inner left paddle is mapped to Reload/Interact (Square on PS4, X on Xbox) and the inner right paddle is mapped to Next Weapon/Harvest Weapon (Triangle on PS4, Y on Xbox).

Repeat the same process as before, but now incorporating one of the inner two paddles. Ignore their face buttons until you’re comfortable with using all the paddles instead of the facebuttons. With regular practice, it can take up to two weeks to be completely used to them. 

Conquering all four paddles will give you the biggest advantage to quickly Jump, Reload, Swap Weapons, and enter Build Mode all while keeping your thumb on the thumbstick, ready to aim. Outmanuever your opponents quickly and efficiently. 


Configuring the Paddles

Now that you’ve mastered the paddles, let’s start remapping. Hold the EMR key at the back of the controller, then press and hold the button you want to map to your paddle.

When finished, remove the EMR key and you’re ready to go.

Whether you’re an aggressive player who cycles through weapons quickly during fights or a strategic player who maps out their route to escape the ring, you can tailor your SCUF to your playstyle. 

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