Pro Grip Kit For Xbox Controllers

From $24.99

It's time to upgrade the grip on your standard Xbox controller. Designed to give you an edge on the competition, SCUF Pro Grip Kit is equipped with non-slip performance grip to keep your hands right where you want them. And, with the Adjustable Trigger Stops, you'll shorten the distance needed to activate your triggers – meaning faster shots in game. Choose from four colors to match your controller & experience SCUF-level performance grip.

  • Adjustable Trigger Stops
  • Upgraded performance
  • Easy installation
  • Customize your controller

Please note: The SCUF Pro Grip Kit is only compatible with Microsoft Xbox controllers. The Pro Grip Kit will not work with the SCUF Instinct.

EASY INSTALLATION It's easy to upgrade your standard controller with a SCUF Pro Grip Kit. Place the included removal tool at the back top of your controller's side handle. Gently insert the removal tool and twist until your side handle cover is detached, and then gently remove the side handle. Once the side handle cover is removed, your Pro Grip Kit will click into place. Slide 1 out of %2