Iceman Isaac's Envision Pro Setup for Warzone

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The new SCUF Envision is a PC controller featuring a row of buttons along the bottom, which can be utilized for various functions such as muting the game, auto-running across the map, and calling in air strikes. It even allows for tasks like changing a stream or pausing music. Additionally, it includes side buttons that enable me to ping while aiming down sights. By pressing a side button, I can aim down sight and ping simultaneously with a simple squeeze of my hand.

Another side button offers further functionality, along with rapid-fire digital triggers that can be switched for full actuation. The controller also boasts paddles on the back for remapping to various complex binds. What sets the SCUF Envision apart is the accompanying software, which allows for custom settings such as "tap to slide" or "tap to dive," eliminating the need to choose between the two. This feature grants incredible flexibility in gameplay, not only in Warzone but across all games, by enabling the conversion of PC keybinds into controller inputs.