SCUF's F1 2019 Game Guide

SCUF's F1 2019 Game Guide

Get your engines revving in F1 2019 with SCUF's game guide. SCUF allows you to have more control to play your way in F1 2019 with these controller settings. 

How To Improve Your Gameplay Using a SCUF


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Do you want a realistic feel to driving? Paddles feel more immersive and give you a more comfortable position to shift gears during long periods of gameplay. Paddles can also increase your reactivity by decreasing the amount of time it takes for an input to register. 

On the SCUF Impact, you have two additional paddles that can be mapped to buttons of your choice, we recommend placing the MFD menu and Activate / Deactivate DRS on the inner two Paddles. Using paddles you’ll be moving your hands less, so you can focus on getting better times.

Expert Layout

f1 2019 expert ps4 controller set up 

If you want to play like the eSports Pros and want more control over your gameplay like you would have with a Steering Wheel, we have a layout made just for you. 

First, you’ll need to adjust some default settings. Start by going into Game Options > Settings > Controls > DUALSHOCK4 Wireless Controller Preset 1 > Edit > MFD Shortcuts

  • Set Fuel Mix increase to Left Stick Click

  • Set Fuel Mix decrease to Right Stick Click

  • ERS Mode Increase to D-Pad Left

  • ERS Mode Decrease to D-Pad Right

Next, be sure under the Assists menu that ERS mode is set to Manual. Now you can map the rear paddles to match the controls above. This will allow you to adjust your Fuel Mix and ERS Mode as you’d like, without having to take your left thumb off the stick to steer. 


Being able to steer quickly and accurately is incredibly important to stay at the top of the race. Short Concave thumbsticks are designed to give you more grip and control over your movement and increase your reaction time. 

Having both thumbsticks in the Short Concave style will allow you to make quick turns without losing control, and you’ll be able to quickly check your mirrors. 

SCUF Thumbsticks are interchangeable to suit your preferred playstyle, so feel free to try out taller thumbsticks if you have larger hands for increased comfort while playing.


Races take up hours to play, and you need a good comfortable grip to play for long periods of time. Each SCUF controller has the option for high performance grip: a textured non-slip surface. This is perfect for extended gaming sessions to improve comfort and performance, especially over time when your hands begin to sweat.