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Football glory has been translated to the virtual turf with the FIFA franchise, which discovered a fanbase hungry for triumph on a universal stage. And what better way to represent that famous passion than with the very exclusive SCUF Turf – a controller so perfectly suited to the beautiful game that it wears the feeling of the pitch directly on its face. With a finish that resembles and feels like the artificial grass it takes its name from, the SCUF Turf adds a fun dimension of play for gamers working their way up the bracket.

The SCUF Turf is now available for pre-order and will ship within 30 days of purchase. Available while supplies last. Note: the controller may not be suited for extended gameplay due to its unique shell design.

The SCUF IMPACT Turf controller includes:

  • - SCUF Paddle Control System (w/ 4x SCUF IMPACT paddles)
  • - Electro Magnetic Remapping
  • - SCUF 3-in-1 Trigger System
    • - Trigger Extenders
    • - Quick Shift Trigger Stops
    • - Adjustable Hair Trigger
  • - SCUF Military Grade Grip
  • - White Button & Trim Kit
  • - White SCUF Ring & Lock System
  • - 1x regular SCUF black concave thumbstick
  • - 1x regular SCUF black domed thumbstick

Endorsed by the Leagues. Trusted by the Pros.