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SCUF Envision Pro Iceman Isaac
Envision Pro
SCUF Reflex Iceman Isaac
PS5 + PC
SCUF Instinct Pro Iceman Isaac
Instinct Pro
Xbox Series + PC
Scuf Impact Iceman Isaac
PS4 + PC
Scuf Infinity4PS Pro Iceman Isaac
PS4 + PC
Envision Iceman Isaac Faceplate Kit
Envision Faceplate Kit
SCUF Instinct Iceman Isaac Faceplate Kit
Instinct Faceplate Kit
SCUF Envision was designed to deliver the best experience for controller PC gamers. Equipped with 11 additional remappable inputs, adjustable instant triggers, ultra-fast wireless connectivity, performance grip, and full keyboard functionality utilizing the power of Corsair iCUE software, Envision will, once again, change your game.
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Play like the expert IceManIsaac with these recommended settings and layouts for Call of Duty: Warzone. Learn how to dominate the battlefield with SCUF’s Game Guides, Controller Setups, and Tips below. Learn everything from basics to advanced Warzone tips and you'll be collecting wins in no time.
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IceManIsaac talks 100-hour work weeks, his Diddy Kong Racing revenge tour and his journey to help his community

Isaac Hamilton, better known as IceManIsaac, is very deliberate. Everything he does has a purpose. So, when he decided to make a real go of content creation and streaming, he knew he needed a genuine content strategy. What he came up with has served him well to this very day: It’s not about him.

Rather than post gameplay about himself, IceManIsaac posted guides on how to help others get better. And it worked. His commitment to his community spawned Warzone Academy, helped him blow up on YouTube, and turned him into a household name. But this is just the beginning.

We caught up with IceManIsaac as he prepares to release his first custom SCUF controller to learn more about how he started, what inspired his controller design, and what the future holds.


Isaac Hamilton
Content Creator

One of the most well known Warzone creators, IceManIsaac has established himself in the industry with top-tier gameplay and education. Warzone noobs want to learn from him and other Warzone players want to win like him. He has had a very impressive rise within Warzone over the last 2 years with his continous content series dubbed "Warzone Academy." His love and passion for the game inspires so many other people to want to learn and play better, helping them reach their full potential. IceManIsaac is one our top advocates for the PS5 FPS Reflex, which he always shows off for his fans - 850,000 and growing!

I can’t imagine gaming without a SCUF in my hands. It’s been an essential tool in my pursuit to improve every day. I’m thrilled to finally share this incredible design with those who have the same ambition to elevate their game.