Victory in this lightning-fast arena of Call of Duty Mobile requires not just quick reflexes but also tactics, accuracy, and proper weapon choice. Your selection of weapons can determine whether you win or lose right from the start of the battle. Every type of weapon, including shotguns, assault rifles, submachine guns, and sniper rifles, has an exceptional advantage that the clever player can use.

Deciding which options are the best might be difficult when there are so numerous to pick from. But do not worry! We have gathered the most extraordinary guns in CoD Mobile into a list of the top tier picks in each major category. Choose the best weapons, regardless of your experience level or style of play, and soon you’ll find yourself cruising on the path to victory. Lock and load, get ready, and let the fight start.




The R9-0’s mobility, damage, and fire rate make it one of the strongest shotguns for CoD Mobile. Its firing range is 3 meters, and its fire rate is 300 rpm. It has the unique ability to fire two shots quickly after one another before pumping, which makes it perfect for eliminating opponents in a single rotation.

It also performs admirably in terms of hip-fire accuracy and recoil. If you practice an aggressive style or are an inexperienced player who struggles with aim, the R9-0 is the perfect choice for you. Not only can you blast your heart out aggressively, it also helps with catching flankers.



When it comes to assault weapons in Call of Duty: Mobile, the Man-O-War offers the most damage and mobility. However, its magazine is comparatively lesser than other contenders in the same category, which could be an issue if you lack precision when firing.

It is an effective weapon for medium and long-range fighting because it can eliminate opponents with three bullets at any distance. In Call of Duty: Mobile, it is the only assault rifle with better precision that can go head-to-head with weapons like Maddox and EM2.



A powerful Light Machine Gun, the Holger-26 may be tailored to fit various playstyles and scenarios. It features an impressive rate of fire, a low recoil for an LMG, and a huge magazine capacity — 100 rounds by default. You can lower the magazine capacity in the gunsmith to increase ADS accuracy and mobility.

After finishing the Holger Strike seasonal challenge, it can be activated. For players who wish to combine the mobility of an AR or SMG with the firepower of an LMG, this is a fantastic option.

For many players, the Holger 26 is undoubtedly one of the best guns in CoD Mobile, especially with only a few improvements for other LMGs heading into Season 5.

Kilo 141

KILO 141

The current best weapon in Call of Duty Mobile is the Kilo 141. This assault rifle is entirely automatic and has a near-to-mid-range damage capability. Its headshot multiplier allows it to take down opponents with three headshots.

With ammo attachments, you can use this weapon with up to 100 rounds per magazine, despite other assault rifles that are often limited to 40. Furthermore, it fires more quickly than the majority of assault weapons in the game—up to 680 rpm. It is a fantastic option if you prefer to fight foes at different ranges and prioritize damage and efficiency over recoil control.



ASM10 is the master of close-to-medium range gunfights and has the power to alter the way you play significantly. Although you could have problems directing it at the longest ranges, it is renowned for its precision.

The weapon can two-shot an attacker in a firefight despite its moderate fire rate and devastatingly significant damage. Additionally, you can use this gun’s mobility and aim-down side speed boost to your advantage to win multiple gunfights.



SKS is a semi-automatic marksman rifle with a high damage rating of 60, excellent accuracy, and an acceptable fire rate. Similar to all marksman rifles, it takes skill to operate the gun properly since it needs accurate aim and a deft trigger finger.

When used correctly, it can quickly dispatch opponents in close to mid-range by striking the upper body twice. It is a gun that favors skill and accuracy. Thus, check it out if you are seeking something fresh to use in the game. With sufficient accuracy, you can use the SKS to deal massive damage to opponents while flying across the map and eliminating them. Only a few weapons can match the TTK of the SKS.



Because it has a lower fire interval and a superior damage profile than the DL Q33, the newly released LW3-Tundra is quickly becoming known as the greatest sniper rifle in Call of Duty: Mobile.

In addition, it boasts a lower recoil and an improved ADS speed, making it an excellent option for quick scoping. Before it gets a nerf, we advise you to play with the LW3-Tundra as much as you can.



The CBR4 is a compact submachine gun with excellent accuracy, lightning-fast firing rate, and high mobility. Because it deals a lot of damage quickly, it is appropriate for close to mid-range combat. If you are having trouble with your target, it is always an effective strategy to use this weapon.

It may, however, be ineffective against opponents with solid armor or health because of its low damage per bullet. Additionally, its range is limited, so you must always aim to hit your adversaries nearby before firing.

Kilo Bolt


The Kilo bolt action rifle will be your greatest friend in COD mobile if you want a dependable sniper weapon with minimal to no bullet drop-off that can take down targets at an incredible range. The main drawback of the one-shot, deadly sniper rifle is its slow fire rate, which makes it extremely dangerous in combat.

In contrast to most other snipers in Call of Duty: Mobile, the rapid firing rounds with the kilo bolt are still relatively fast. In order to maximize the effectiveness of this weapon, consider customizing it in the gunsmith to tailor this weapon to your playstyle.



In Call of Duty Mobile, the AK-47 assault rifle—which has full automatic capability—can be obtained at player level 18. It is one of the assault rifles with the highest damage in the game, but it is also quite difficult to direct at opponents due to its enormous recoil. The AK-47 is a weapon of choice for many expert players due to its vast damage output and remarkable range.


It’s important to have the best loadout to suit your playstyle. Whether you enjoy the fast paced run-and-gun action of SMGs, or the calculated long range precision of sniper rifles, an essential step to building your loadout is finding the right tool for the job. That’s why we developed the best weapon for all scenarios in CoD Mobile - SCUF Nomad. With SCUF Nomad, you can upgrade your phone setup with the mobile controller designed for precision and performance. With full-size thumbsticks, up to 16 hours of playtime, and even remappable back paddles, SCUF Nomad brings a console-quality experience to your mobile setup.

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