Apex Legends is a fast-paced game that constantly delivers excitement with new characters and updates. And when it comes to dominating your opponents, few characters are as thrilling as Octane. Octane is a high-speed daredevil with a unique skill set, making him a popular choice among players who enjoy playing aggressively.

Octane is the adrenaline-fueled legend that makes hearts race on the Apex battlefield. Octane's abilities allow him to move quickly and dodge enemy fire, creating a formidable opponent on the battlefield. He burst into the arena in season one, instantly captivating players with his high-speed daredevilry and fearless risk-taking. As a result, Octane is a top pick for those who enjoy playing aggressively and thrive in the fight.



Octavio Silva, better known as Octane in Apex Legends, was born into luxury as the son of Silva Pharmaceuticals' CEO, Eduardo Silva. However, Octane quickly grew bored with his privileged status and turned to stunts to add excitement to his life.

His love for daredevilry culminated in a massive wedding stunt involving a ramp, a flaming hover car, and a jacket filled with fireworks, which amazed a hundred thousand live viewers. He attempted his most dangerous stunt trying to beat the top record for the Gauntlet by using a hand grenade to propel him past the finish line. Unfortunately, this stunt caused him to lose his legs. He turned to his friend Ajay Che, also known as Lifeline, to forge bionic limbs so he could get back in action.

Octane's new legs allowed him to perform even more dangerous stunts, but he realized he needed riskier challenges. This led him to the Apex Games, where he could take his daredevilry to the next level. Although he discovered his true father was actually his grandfather and head of the Syndicate, Octane remained committed to becoming an Apex Champion.

The search for the ultimate adrenaline rush always continues in Octane's world. Despite his devil-may-care attitude, he is haunted by the fear of becoming like his scheming and manipulative father. Octane's ultimate goal is to stay one step ahead of his father and prove his worth as the ultimate daredevil.


His overwhelming speed sets Octane apart, which can help players dominate the game. With his ability to move quickly, he can get behind enemy lines and deal damage or flank them for a surprise attack.

  • Swift Mend (Passive) - While out of combat, Octane’s health gradually restores over time.
  • Stim (Tactical) - Octane injects himself with a stim, increasing his walk speed and sprint speed for 6 seconds, and granting slow resistance. This ability costs 20 health to use.
  • Launch Pad (Ultimate) - Octane drops down a jump pad that launches anyone who steps on it. While in the air, players can press the jump key to perform a double jump.


Octane is a highly aggressive character in Apex Legends, best used to catch opponents off guard or to chase them down once their shields have been broken. To succeed with Octane, players need to be quick on their feet, have the drive to press fights, and have a firm grasp of survival skills.

  • Octane is a hit-and-run expert who is hard to target when moving quickly. To be effective with Octane, players should get in close and deal damage before getting out of harm's way quickly. They should also use his Stim ability frequently, leveraging increased speed to press the attack, cross open ground, or escape danger.
  • To get the most out of Octane's kit, players should carry complementary weapons like SMGs and shotguns or a Wingman, which allow them to blast away with one gun before quickly switching to the other to finish off enemies.
  • Additionally, his Launch Pad helps create quick and efficient repositioning, allowing the team to reach areas that may have otherwise been difficult to access. Octane's abilities can also be used defensively to escape dangerous situations.
  • When paired with certain legends, Octane's abilities become even more powerful. For example, pairing him with Bloodhound can make it easier to track and chase down enemies. Likewise, pairing him with Gibraltar can make a formidable team by combining Octane's speed with Gibraltar's shield and defensive abilities.


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