Top 5 Apex Legends Controller Tips

Top 5 Apex Legends Controller Tips


Apex Legends is celebrating their year anniversary with Season 4 launching on February 4th, 2020. Prep for the new Season of Apex Legends with these 5 Top Controller Tips to become a better player. 

Tip 1 - Evade Enemy Fire

In the middle of a fight, you want to be able to shoot the enemy, but avoid being shot by them. Using paddles on the back of your SCUF, you can crouch behind cover, jump, and slide into a room while keeping your thumb on the thumbstick to have accurate aim while shooting. 

Additionally, you can also hold down Interact when ziplining and then proceed to press Jump to hop up and down on the zipline without letting go; you’ll still be able to move and aim. This makes it harder to hit you if an enemy spots you when traversing the map. 

Tip 2 - Swap Weapons Faster

Reloading during a fight can take some time, so the recommended alternative is to Switch Weapons during a fight to increase speed. There is one more thing you can do to make Switching Weapons work better and faster using Paddles. Fire your weapon until it runs out of ammo, hit Swap Weapons, and at the same time press Crouch to cancel the animation. You’ll immediately pull out your next weapon and you can continue holding R2 down to keep shooting during the switch with your thumb still able to aim. 

*Make sure Crouch is set to Hold in the Settings menu instead of Toggle. 

Tip 3 -  Shoot Faster and Aim Better

Apex is all about speed, and shooting your enemy faster than they can get you while still being accurate is key. SCUF’s Digital TAP Triggers transform the triggers into a quick tap instead of a longer press, and feel similar to a mouse-click. The activation point will be engaged quicker, giving you the edge you need to take out the enemy faster. 

In addition, having the best thumbsticks for your playstyle will vastly improve your aim. Players who like to use weapons like the Kraber will want accurate pinpoint precision when aiming, so a Tall Domed Thumbstick will benefit them. Meanwhile players who prefer the Spitfire and Peacekeeper are going to want accuracy, but be able to react quickly, so a Short Domed Thumbstick will work better for them.

Tip 4 - Move Faster

If you can’t seem to get enough momentum when traversing the map or find yourself unable to cross large gaps, start by Sliding, then Jumping, then Sliding again and chain these moves to build the most momentum. This works especially well when going down inclines, but also works on flat land. You can use this technique to catch up to enemy squads and outrun the ring. 

Tip 5 - Outmaneuver The Enemy

Increase survival when running away from enemies in buildings. Double tap Interact while running through a door to close it behind you to avoid being shot. You can also combine this with running up a wall after closing a set of doors to throw off an enemy; you’ll be able to jump down behind them to take them out instead.

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