Apex Legends Play Like the Pros

Pro Tips

Are you looking to take your gameplay beyond beginner or climb the ranked ladder in Apex Legends? Look no further than here for some pro tips for Apex Legends from SCUF and Jankz.

Jankz has been a devout controller player of Apex Legends on PC, often showing mouse and keyboard players to rethink their perceived superiority in FPS games regularly in the matches he plays. If you’re a console or PC player of Apex Legends playing on a controller, Jankz is your guy to watch and listen to.

Continue reading for some pro tips for your next games of Apex Legends.

The Importance of Movement in Apex Legends for Controller Players

Apex is a game of movement and positioning as much as it is of gunplay. You might be able to click heads like no other, but if you don’t know good positioning, how to create advantageous engagements, and good movement tricks you’re likely going to find yourself on the losing end of gunfights against players that have a stronger understanding of these fundamentals.

The key here is to approach every fight with momentum, cover, and your position in mind. Keep these tips in mind while you’re playing:

  • Don’t start a gunfight from a standstill unless you’re sniping. You're much harder to hit while you’re moving. 
  • Always avoid starting a push across open terrain, cover is essential to protect you from flanking and other enemy squads.
  • Use your squad's abilities to find higher positions with a good line of sight to an enemy squad before starting an engagement.
  • If your squad is exposed during a gunfight don’t hesitate to disengage to find a stronger position.
  • Use grenades and area denial abilities to control the movement of enemy squads and deny the use of cover. Force your opponents to choose between eating a grenade or surrender their positioning.

There are also some specific and more advanced movement techniques to use to rise from good player to great player like super jumping and fast armor swaps.

How to Super Jump on Controller in Apex Legends

The super jump in Apex Legends is all about getting a little extra height out of your jump after using a zipline to climb on spaces you normally wouldn’t have easy access to. 

Super Jump - Tap Square (X on Xbox), then X twice (A on Xbox)

The key here is practice, and not only on the execution of the timing of the jump, but identifying the locations a super jump could give you the tactical advantage in your games. Keep your eyes open for ziplines that start and end by buildings or terrain with ledges. With some practice you’ll be pulling super jumps off with ease and hitting your opponents from angles they never imagined. 

How to Fast Armor Swap on Controller in Apex Legends

The quick armor swap is all about maintaining momentum while you’re doing a quick armor swap mid-gunfight so you don’t get picked off while you’re looking through menus. Movement in menus is not a problem for PC players on mouse and keyboard, but for those of us that play on controllers we need a few tricks and some practice to pull this off safely.

Fast Armor Swap - Hold Square (X on Xbox), tap X (A on Xbox) right before the menu pops up

When you go to loot a deathbox there is a full second after you interact with it and your inventory menu opens. The secret to the fast swap is hitting your jump just a moment before the menu actually pops up. The menu will still pop up and you’ll be moving instead of just standing there. This can be timed with a slide jump to really keep you moving and ensure you’re making yourself as hard to hit as possible.


Make sure you practice all these pro tips in your games of Apex Legends and you’ll be playing like a pro in no time.

If you’re looking to get more detail and some visual aid for these techniques be sure to check out the video from Jankz above or read the full video transcription below.


“What's going on guys. Welcome back to the channel. Now before we get started with today's video - I do have a full gameplay for you -  but I want to talk about a couple little movement tips that I've never seen anybody talk about before.

I'm not one to make full blown tip or guide videos. I'm not gonna waste your time. I'm gonna talk about it right off the start and then for those of you that are here for the full game plays like I normally upload I got one for you right afterwards.

So there's two little movement tips that I've never seen people talk about for controller players you see mouse and keyboard players doing stuff like this but you never see controller players doing it and that's the super jump off a zip line.There's a very easy way to do as you see in the beginning you tap square and then you hit x twice, but it's a very very difficult timing to get down.

 It's all timing, but once you kind of nail it you -  you can do it very consistently. Here's a clip of me trying to show staycation and zeus how to do it. Now this clip is like four minutes long and I'm gonna shorten it down obviously but you can see that they're having trouble doing it. It's not as easy as just like “oh just tap square XX”, it's hard to get the timing down but once you get the timing down you can do this super jump. 

Now where would the super jump come into play you can do it on this building is a perfect example actually this building there's a zip line that goes to the back of the building you can do the super jump to climb to the next level the smaller roof of the building and you can peek through the windows or you can use it as an escape like you can get creative with it.

If you have a -  if you have a Pathfinder on your team you can use the Pathfinder to set up a rope and you can use the super jump to peek over walls or to get over buildings that you wouldn't normally be able to climb over. 

So there's little things like that that you can do but there's one other one that I want to talk about that I've never seen anybody talk about for controller players and that's fast armor swapping. Armor swapping with the controller is -  it's hard - it's it's -  you're stuck in a box you're not moving you're standing still you're a sitting duck. 

PC players you get to move while looting so you get to strafe and crouch while you're in a box but a controller player, you're just standing still, you're a free kill to a third party and armor swaps like in the spur of the moment - it's very important to do. 

So this again is another timing thing that you got to get used to. It's not easy to do but once you nail it you're good to go. So when you hold the interact key, your square button, there's like a one second delay before the interact actually pops up like the screen to get the armor swap off there's like a full one second delay, so if you jump right before that screen pops up. So you're gonna hold square and then you're going to jump right before it pops up -  you can  - you can time this with a slide jump - uh you can -  there's lots of different ways you can do this, okay. There's lots of different ways you can do this but the point is you jump right before that screen pops up you get the armor swap off and you're still moving while you're armor swapping.

It's tough to get the timing down but once you get it -  it's perfect and I just gave you an example on screen where it worked out and it saved my life. Like, I won that fight because of the - the jumping armor swap. If I was standing still I probably would have died. It's -  it's something that you gotta get used to but, uh -  two little things that I've never seen anybody talk about.

Practice it, get good at it, it'll up your game. Now we're gonna get into the full gameplay. Thank you guys for watching. I really do hope you enjoyed today's video and I'll see you on the next one.” - Jankz