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The completely re-engineered shape and ergonomics of the SCUF IMPACT are molded to fit your hands perfectly for paddle play. Prepare for more flexing and less reaching with four paddles, interchangeable thumbsticks, adjustable triggers and much more!

Starting at £154.99

PS4 & PC

SCUF Infinity4PS PRO Castro

The SCUF Infinity 4PS PRO brings two removable paddles recessed into the back of the classic Dualshock 4 shape with interchangeable thumbsticks, high grade grip, and more. The perfect controller for a first time SCUF user.

Starting at £144.99

About Castro

Castro's journey to streaming stardom started in high school as a high-level soccer player in the Chicago area. Injuries sidelined him, turning him to gaming and eventually streaming, thanks to his long-time girlfriend, Pita, who bought him a PS4 when he was recovering. He gained a lot of traction very quickly when he started streaming FIFA, the game he is still most popular for today. His viewers enjoy watching him open packs and do some of his signature reactions, from screaming to running and jumping into his green screen.

Castro has also put his massive following to good use for charitable causes. He has done numerous charity streams, one even lasting for a non-stop 50 hours straight. He has raised over $370k total during these streams. $115k of that has gone to St. Jude's Hospital, which Castro has a special place in his heart for.

He's also a very passionate soccer fan, especially when it comes to the Mexico national team and its players.

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