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[Standard Build Service] 7-11 Business Days (M-F) + Standard Shipping
[Expedited Build Service] 3-5 Business Days (M-F) + 2 Day Shipping
[Premium Build Service] 48 Hrs / 2 Business Days (M-F) + 2 Day Shipping

Choosing Your Paddles

SCUF users most commonly play with 2 paddles, though many consider themselves advanced gamers or have larger hands and prefer a 4 paddle option. Unlock your potential with either option and see why the patented SCUF Paddles have changed the competitive gaming scene!

2 paddles are the standard that most SCUF users place on their controller. There is no one "perfect" layout, everyone is different and you should configure your paddles accordingly. Pick your two most-used controller functions and you’re good to go!

4 paddles are for those who excel when given more control. 4 paddles on the back of your controller allow you maximum mobility by making advanced moves possible while hardly ever having to remove your thumbs from the thumbsticks.

Choosing Your Configuration

The configuration of your SCUF paddles is dependent on numerous things: What games do you play the most, and what functions are the most used in those games?

For most games, you can use A on the left paddle and B on the right; that configuration will serve you great in the heat of battle as will the standard 4 paddle version, AXYB (from left to right).

Remapping is the perfect feature for anyone planning on using their SCUF Controller for multiple games. This feature allows anyone to reprogram their back paddles on the fly with the use of the small button on top of the controller.

Controller Type

SCUF Hybrid controllers have the option to be either Wired or Wireless. Most Professional Gamers exclusively used Wired controllers as the direct connection removes the input lag when playing. Wireless controllers are great for gamers not wanting to deal with the tangle of cords and allow cross-room gaming.

SCUF Trigger Function

The Trigger Stops shave off precious seconds during gameplay allowing you to hit the trigger functions more frequently. Trigger Stops will not work for every game, they are primarily used for the Call of Duty series, and can be adjusted with the included allen key to find the “sweet spot” for each game.

The vibration of a controller can throw off your aim in-game; this is why most competitive gamers have them removed. Removing the rumbles also provides you with a lighter controller for added comfort during gameplay.

Choosing Your Grip

SCUF Grip is a military grade plastic material most commonly used to coat firearms and other military equipment. Its textured, non-slip surface is great for extended hours of gameplay.

The Pro Grip is rubber-like and is only found on the arms of the controller. It offers a softer grip option, compared to the SCUF Grip, and comes in multiple colors.

Choosing Your Thumbsticks

SCUF Hybrid controllers have the option for standard thumbsticks as well as SCUF Domed thumbsticks, which provide longer thumbsticks emblazoned with the SCUF logo for additional grip; great for gamers with larger hands!

The standard concave thumbsticks also come in multiple colors made to complement any controller design!

SCUF Build Time

SCUF offers several rush build services for gamers who want to start SCUF-jumping and drop-shotting their opponents as quickly as possible.

SCUF's Standard Build Service is 7-11 business days (Monday - Friday) at no additional cost. Standard shipping rates still apply.

With SCUF's Expedited Build Service it will take 3-5 business days (Monday - Friday) + shipping time to receive your controller for an additional $19.95. Standard shipping rates still apply. But, this service includes a free upgrade to priority shipping.

With SCUF's Premium Build Service it will take 2 business days (Monday - Friday) + shipping time to receive your controller for an additional $29.95. Standard shipping rates still apply. But, this service includes a free upgrade to priority shipping.