SCUF Vantage Custom PS4 Controller


About Features

  • Faceplates
  • Rings
  • Thumbsticks
  • Control Disc
  • Trigger System

Interchangeable Magnetic Faceplates

The Interchangeable Magnetic Faceplates allow you to easily customize your controller’s look to any SCUF Vantage Faceplate. It can be removed by lifting the controller chassis using the two finger notches on each side of the handles.

Please Note: Colors and designs may have slight differences due to the production process.

Anti-Friction Rings

The Anti-friction are made with high grade self-lubricating materials to provide a pro-grade finish, so the thumbsticks glide on contact. These rings can easily be swapped out or replaced.

Interchangeable Thumbsticks

Thumbsticks are available in two height options: regular and long and two shape options: domed and concave.

Most gamers preferring a shorter concave on the left, and taller domed on the right.

Interchangeable D-Pad & Control Disc

The D-pad helps access a single direction bias more quickly, reducing the distance when alternating between the thumbstick and D-pad. With the Control Disc, you can transform the D-pad to a Control System similar to a thumbstick and improve the comfort of D-pad use, making it easier to activate diagonals.

Trigger Control System

The Trigger Control System reduces latency, allows you to optimize the triggers to eliminate unnecessary movement and accommodates different hand sizes. The Trigger Control System consists of three modules:

Adjustable Hair Triggers: adjust and fine-tune your trigger tension to reduce latency in trigger pull for faster response time

Quick Shift Trigger Stops: reduce trigger latency by eliminating the travel required past the activation point of the trigger

Interchangeable Trigger Covers: fully removable and easily clip onto the trigger body; they are designed to let you access the Hair Trigger for fine-tuning and to improve your trigger accuracy and hand comfort

Product Details

Every aspect of this PS4 controller has been meticulously designed to improve performance, comfort, and maximize hand use. Vantage has over 15 unique SCUF features created to accelerate gameplay saving game-changing milliseconds.

Features & Benefits: Paddle Control System, Sax Buttons, Remapping Switch, Trigger Control System, Adjustable Hair Triggers, Trigger Stops, Trigger Covers, Customizable Thumbsticks, D-pad & Control Disc, Interchangeable Faceplate, Removable Vibration Modules, Audio Touch Bar, Audio Port, Reset Button

In the Box:
— SCUF Vantage Controller
— SCUF Vantage Protection Case (Wireless/Wired models only)
— 10ft High Speed Braided Micro-USB Cable
— 2x Long Domed Thumbsticks
— 2x Long Trigger Covers
— 2x Anti-friction Rings
— 1x Control Disc
— 1x SCUF Key (0.9mm)
— Product Manual
— Product Guide
— Quick Start Guide
— Sticker Pack